Depechegurl Makeup Look

Instagram is a constant source of inspiration for me. Yes, it whiles away the time when I’m on the bus, on the sofa and when there’s a lull in conversation, and it’s the first app I open when I wake up, so you’re well within your rights to call it an addiction rather than a source of inspiration. However, the fact remains that there are many, many women on there that are either looking awesome or doing awesome things, and either way they are posting incredible images that you can’t help but feel inspired by (okay, I admit that sometimes I get a little bit envious, but I find reminding myself that it’s not necessarily a true reflection of their real life helps a lot!).

Here are my top ten favourite goth girl instagrammers at the moment. They’re not brands, and they’re not selling anything through their images, but instead are doing all the right things. By which I mean that their accounts are curated, consistent and kick-ass, with gorgeous images. They’re mostly a mix of make-up artists and bloggers, but they all have my admiration.


DeathCandy is one of the first accounts I followed when I first got (back) into the goth aesthetic. She has the wardrobe I wish I had, the Gwen Stefani face that every nineties kid wanted and nails that could kill a man at forty paces.

Rosalie Kate

A designer and illustrator who can’t get enough makeup, Rosalie Kate posts her looks on a regular basis. The brow game is strong in this one.

Nicola Mary Wyatt

Nicola Mary Wyatt is someone who is beautiful and effortlessly stylish, but she’s also her own boss. She owns her own tattoo parlour in the big smoke (i.e. London), she provides marketing services and she is the Associate Creative Director of LondonEdge as well as being a mum. She has it all and she wears it well.


I don’t think I can even describe to you the talent of this lady. Just follow her. Now!

Steffanie Strazzere

Steffanie’s instagram is the ultimate goth aesthetic. With images of creepy churches, misty forest scenes, her cat and her goth biker style, there’s nothing more that you could want from an Instagram feed. She’s the founder of Nero Cosmetics so her make up is always on point too.

Olivia Emily

A blogger in London, Olivia Emily puts together outfits beautifully. She has enviably long legs, a gorgeous feline face and I drool over her outfit posts on a regular basis.

Jen Von Haunt

Based in Philadelphia, Jen has a passion for the spooky side of life. With the most gorgeous of tattoos (like the “Book Worm” tattoo written across her fingers that I’m currently lusting over), an incredible taste in books and excellent gothic décor, she’s the ultimate in goth inspiration.

Rose Shock

Just look. Look. Her make up skills and wig collection is something you can only envy. Her cats are cute too.

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie, the blogger behind Faiiint, has the most effortless talent in putting together outfits. She wears a hell of a lot of black, but through the use of texture, layering and silhouettes, she makes it look fresh and interesting.

Caitlin Marks

Based in Australia, she basically has mad makeup skills and a lust-worthy wardrobe to match. Be prepared for an obsession.

Is there someone I’ve missed? Let me know who your favourites on Instagram are!