One of my long term fashion loves is a sheer black shirt. I love a good shirt just in general (a throwback from my menswear phase) but when it’s black, and it’s sheer, I am *there*.

Outfit: Jacket – Primark | Sheer shirt* – Blue Banana UK | Slip dress – part of this dress from Killstar | Fishnets – Claire’s | Boots – Dr Martens


They’re perfect for a layered look. Think slip dress underneath and a harness on top for a pretty banging gothic outfit. It means that they’re great for summer too, as they’re light and airy, but it means you don’t have to bear too much flesh to the scorching sun. They’re also super easy to add layers on top if it gets chilly, because they’re so thin.

They mean that you can trial a style that you might not be comfortable with underneath – crop tops, colour, I’m looking at you… AND they let you show off any tattoos or body mods you might have without being cold/exposed.

A sheer black shirt adds a point of interest to an outfit which is super important if you’re wearing all black, because it adds depth and texture to something that’s otherwise just a block of colour.

My sheer shirts

I own about four I think, and they’re all pretty different, even if they are all sheer and all black.

One is fitted, with an asymmetrical hem, the second is batwinged and floaty, the third is sleeveless with metal collar tips and the fourth is this lovely Jawbreaker number gifted to me from Blue Banana.

It’s a “boyfriend” fit, which basically means that it’s cut pretty straight, without a waist. It has the most gorgeous detailing on the back (that I completely forgot to photograph in this set, doy) that’s a combination of all the gothic things you need in your life, from crows and branches to insects. I wore it like a dress, with a slip underneath. Paired with a trusty fishnet and docs combo, a buckle choker from Primark and a necklace that Mark made me from a crow’s foot, a pentagram and some rosary beads (I think), along with my trusty “leather”, it made for a pretty rockin’ look.

While me and Kinga were shooting this, some homeless guys thought it would be fun to come and ask us questions – like whether we worked for a magazine… they made her take a photo of them (with me) and they asked us to come for a drink… You think blogging is glamourous? Yeah, no.

Do you love a sheer shirt? How do you wear yours?

Photos by Kinga_Kurex @kingakurekx

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