I don’t know about you, but I love discovering new goth brands. Whether you’re a baby bat figuring out how you want to dress or an elder goth wanting to find something new and shiny, I feel like I’ve got you covered. Here are some of my favourite goth brands that you’ll love as much as I do!


image credit: Killstar

No list of goth brands is complete without Killstar, really, now is it? They are a bit of a behemoth on the scene, to be honest, so you’ll probably have heard of them. I tend to fall in and out of love with them, as they’re erring on the side of fast fashion these days, pumping out new designs constantly, and they can be a bit on the pricey side. Having said that, they do create some beautiful things and they’ve made it very easy for you to look the way you want.


Custom Plugs

image credit: Custom Plugs

Stretched your ears? Then you’ll need some cool plugs won’t you! Custom Plugs make some of the coolest jewellery for stretched ears out there. They’ve got so many to choose from – wooden ones, glass ones, plastic ones, metal ones, even stone ones! Literally, any design you can think of, you’ll probably be able to find it at Custom Plugs. And they don’t just do plugs, there’s clothing, stickers, phone cases, pins and more!


Tommy Vowles

image credit: Tommy Vowles

Tommy Vowles is an indie maker creating gorgeous harnesses, necklaces and belts out of vegan leather and LOTS of hardware. Originally from London, he now creates from Berlin, where he lives. He makes his creation by hand, but will also do commissions. Think O rings on O rings on O rings, beautiful buckles, studs and chains, with harnesses and necklaces that interconnect. Gorgeous.


Dr Martens

image credit: Dr Martens

An iconic footwear brand, you really can’t beat a pair of docs for stomping around in tbh. They’re also super versatile, perfect for a casual or a dressed up look. While they started off as a simple work boot, they’re now so much more, with croc style leather options, double, triple and quadruple stacked soles, designer collabs, and even TV show inspired ones (I used to have Adventure Time Marceline ones!).



image credit: Disturbia

Second up is Disturbia. Whereas Killstar is nugoth territory, Disturbia is often more wearable, more alternative than straight up goth, and they feature some items that have colour (nobody move, colour can’t see us if we don’t move…). The quality has always been (at least in my experience) pretty good, and they’re looking at moving towards more sustainable practices as well which is awesome. They’re family run too, making them feel friendlier!


Regal Rose

image credit: Regal Rose

Regal Rose is a jewellery brand aimed at people who want a dark, but romantic edge to their adornments. Their pieces are ornate and often delicate, but always beautiful. We’re talking big semi-precious jewels in bright colours, cathedral inspired hoop earrings and necklaces designed to be layered up. You could buy one piece that’s a butterfly under glass and another that’s a heart with a sword through it at the same time. 


Black Milk Clothing

image credit: Black Milk Clothing

An Aussie brand, Black Milk aren’t strictly goth, but they do make stuff that will appeal to your sensibilities, especially if you’re a pop culture nerd. They regularly partner with your favourite games, TV shows or movies to create amazing stuff to wear within that theme. Like, a maxi dress with a leg split that has a Hylian crest pattern from Zelda all over it. One of their collections, “I may actually be a witch” you should definitely check out.



image credit: Underground

This footwear company has been around since the early 80s, and they’re still going strong. When they started out, Underground took a lot of inspiration from music and the subcultures at the time, i.e. punk and goth. They make creepers and winklepickers, as well as steel cap boots and apparel. If you want to know more about Underground, you can read my blog post in collaboration with them where I asked them a few questions here.


Mary Wyatt

image credit: Mary Wyatt London

Mary Wyatt is TOTAL goals and I literally want everything they put out. It’s all oversized, band style tees, skin tight vinyl halterneck tops and beautifully cut dresses. Inspired by heavy metal and tattoo culture, they put a bit of a grown up twist on things and I could eat it up. All of their stuff is beautiful quality, and everything I have of theirs has been an investment piece because I feel pretty confident that it’ll last a long time. 


Dreadful Pigeon

credit: Dreadful Pigeon

A Leeds-based indie maker, Dreadful Pigeon makes jewellery and homeware inspired by botanicals. It’s not all pretty flowers though, oh no. One of their standout products is their tooth rings.They’re real teeth (ethically sourced, of course), and the settings are always beautiful. Think halo like spikes, hammered steel, crescent moons, gorge. But, better be quick as they make in batches and they sell out like no-one’s business.


Punk Rave

image credit: Punk Rave

Punk Rave cover more of the old school styles of goth, like steampunk, trad goth, gothic lolita, post apocalyptic goth. If you’re a vampire, this is probably where you’d shop. They have ‘formal’ attire too, so if you wanted a goth wedding, or you wanted to goth it up at a wedding, they’re a great place to check out. Think velvet shirts with lace up fronts, ruffles and brocade galore. They also have some things that would probably appeal to the more ‘nugoth’ among us too. 


Rogue & Wolf

image credit: Rogue + Wolf

A vegan brand that started off 3D printing rings, Rogue & Wolf now do clothing and homeware as well as jewellery. Their collections are all super witchy and pretty, from tableware to phone cases. They’re even doing pet jumpers which I love, so your pet can be spooky too! I don’t think my cat would take too kindly to being put in an outfit so I won’t be trying that out anytime soon though! They are pretty ethical too, with their designs being made in small batches.



image credit: TUK Footwear

TUK Footwear have been around since the 90s, and they make a range of designs, but their mainstay is the classic creeper. They’ve got loads of designs, from leopard print to pointed monkstrap style. You can also pick up the now frankly iconic black kitty combat boots and Mary Janes. They’ve got a pretty good vegan range too, which is great for those who like our footwear without the cruelty. 



image credit: Restyle

A Polish brand that has (oc)cult status, I couldn’t miss Restyle off the list. I personally love their accessories, as they have excellent attention to detail and they have that witchy vibe down. Their bags are always divine, whether it’s a cute mini backpack you’re after, a messenger bag or a structured handbag. Restyle are also (in my opinion) pretty well known for their beautifully designed mesh bodies, with the designs on top looking like tattoos. Gorgeous. 


Mysticum Luna

image credit: Mysticum Luna

A Rotherham-based jewellery company, Mysticum Luna started from a university bedroom and has grown from there. They make chunky stainless rings, earrings and necklaces with a dark edge, like beetle rings and gothic font word necklaces. If you’re looking to fill up a leather jacket with pins, then I highly recommend their pinscription. Each month you get two enamel pin badges sent to you, and you have no idea what they will be. It’s really cool!


Church of Sanctus

image credit: Church of Sanctus

A luxury goth brand for you now with Church of Sanctus. Another brand that I absolutely covet, but cannot afford, CoS hand-make small batches of stunning designs. They aim to empower women and female identifying persons, which is pretty cool. You might recognise the Asylum Coat, as it was super popular (I got my dad to get me one for Christmas one year, it’s beautiful), then one of those cheapo brands stole the design, booooo! 


Blood Milk Jewels  

image credit: Blood Milk Jewels

Inspired by Victorian mourning jewellery, Bloodmilk Jewels was born after the creator suffered a bereavement herself. They hand craft beautiful pieces to order, like crying eye necklaces, massive spider rings and snake rib earrings. They work with silver, but they oxidise it so it’s more of a gray, and onyx, giving every piece a stormy feel. They’re an American brand, based in Philadelphia, so you’d have to pay for shipping etc if you’re based in the UK like me. 



image credit: Foxblood

Foxblood is an American brand that ships worldwide. They’re female owned and operated, featuring vegan, cruelty free, minimalist designs with inclusive sizing. It’s for goths that want to be comfy in their clothes, without sacrificing style, really. I like them because they kind of take trends and turn it a bit goth, so it’s all super easy to wear. Think simple skater dresses, off the shoulder numbers and high quality accessories. There’s LOADS to choose from so get stuck in! 


Blackcraft Cult

image credit: Blackcraft Cult

Another American on the list, Blackcraft Cult are all about rebelling against societal norms and carving your own future out for yourself. It’s mostly t-shirts, hoodies and tracksuits, blankets and dressing gowns, all with cool prints on the front, so it’s super comfy but cool stuff, perfect if that’s your style. I bought my boyfriend a t-shirt of theirs and it’s one of the softest t-shirts he owns, and it’s great quality as well.


Bloody Mary Metal

image credit: Bloody Mary Metal

An alternative jewellery brand, Bloody Mary Metal is based in Truro, by the sea. They create beautiful rings and necklaces for badass babes and alt adventurers. We’re talking crossbones, octopus tentacles, swords, teeth, all created in your choice of metal, including sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. They also create jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones. 


Lip Service

image credit: Lip Service

Lip Service is a brand that has been going for 30+ years. They’ve come and gone a few times, but they always come back. With loads of different designs, it doesn’t really matter what your style is, you’ll find something to make you feel awesome. Their dagger print is iconic, and they’ve got everything from backpacks to undies in the pattern.  


Widow Clothing

image credit: Widow Clothing

A sister brand to Lip Service (at least I think it is), Widow Clothing’s vibe is very dark and witchy, and kinda sexy too. Think big beautiful bell sleeves, slinky garters, and see through mesh. They don’t seem to be very consistent on social media and they don’t have their own website though, so they only sell through Doll’s Kill, but you might be able to get their stuff second hand. 



image credit: Loungefly

If a cute pop culture bag sounds right up your alley, then definitely check out Loungefly. They take your favourite characters from cartoons, Disney, movies and TV shows and create gorgeous accessories like cute backpacks, handbags or purses. Think Star Wars, Loki, Edward Scissorhands, the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus and more. It’s definitely the perfect way to finish off a themed outfit!



image credit: Frost

One of the many businesses of alternative tattoo model Monami Frost, Frost sells really cool alt streetwear and activewear. Obviously they’re a woman owned business, they’re vegan, eco-conscious, and they create clothes in limited batches. From high quality hoodies to graphic tees, and gym wear, it’s all designed to make you feel like a badass, and it even comes in biodegradable packaging.



image credit: Noctex

Noctex is a Canadian-based brand that uses deadstock (which means they use clothing that other brands are unable to sell) and makes it into something new, locally. Their designs give me a post apocalyptic vibe, especially the cyb3rfuture collection, think distressed tights, lace up cropped tanks, and cut out dresses. The retrofit and co-ord collections are also really cool. They sell accessories and make up too. 



image credit: OTHER

Another high end brand, OTHER has kind of a rock ‘n’ roll western vibey-ness. They do (real) leather jackets, wide brim boater hats, and oversized wool cardigans with dark-inspired patterns like spiderwebs and bones, among a range of other things. They’re definitely an aspirational brand I think, as their prices are on the higher side, but from what I can tell, it looks like they’re great quality.


Alchemy England

image credit: Alchemy England

Alchemy England was started in Leicester in 1977 by a couple of guys who didn’t have anything better to do! They started making gothic jewellery and selling it in local shops and at local gigs, and eventually they were making jewellery for some big bands. Now, Alchemy England are known for their ornate pewter designs inspired by history and mythology, still all made in Leicester by master craftsmen. You can also pick up homeware and some apparel, like socks!


New Rock

image credit: New Rock

New Rock is the classic goth shoe brand. Think of a goth, chances are they’re wearing New Rock. They originate in Spain, having started in the late 70s. They have a seriously massive selection of styles, from platform boots with springs in, covered in buckles and random hardware to a gothic take on the cowboy boot. They’re well known for lasting years, and the styles don’t go out of fashion. 


Bound UK

image credit: Bound UK

Black-owned and London-based, Bound UK is another indie maker creating delicate harnesses for great prices. They’re perfect if you’re on a budget, as you can take a plain black outfit, could be a summer dress, a mesh top or a jumper, and make it pop with a super cool harness. Straps, O rings and chains galore. They do full body harnesses, ones for just your top half, belts, jewellery, and even hats! 


Kreepsville 666

image credit: Kreepsville 666

Clothing, accessories and homeware, all in a spooky style? Kreepsville 666 is where you should look. From glitter coffin-shaped compact mirrors and ouija pop sockets to bat hair slides and stripey flares, they have loads of kooky, spooky and kitchy products to help make your home and fashion more in your style. They’re based out in LA, but you can pick up a lot of their stuff on Attitude.