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Moonflesh Embroidery Urgh. It’s just so PRETTY. God damn you America for having so much good stuff and being so far away. Major heart eyes. […]

July 27, 2017
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Moonflesh Embroidery

Urgh. It’s just so PRETTY. God damn you America for having so much good stuff and being so far away. Major heart eyes.


Killstar Moon Child Flats

I bought two pair of shoes recently from Disturbia, but I still feel like I need more shoes. Guys, I’m not sure whether I’m just shoe obsessed or I genuinely need more shoes… these flats are right up my street though. Perfect for a little bit of goth in your 9-5.


Attitude Clothing Bikini

I would love to go on holiday. Somewhere hot, somewhere beautiful. Somewhere where I can read my book all day and I don’t have to do anything else. This bikini from Attitude Clothing is pretty mint (I’m having some kind of throwback and I can’t stop using that word)– simple, cheap but the straps and the laced up bit give it an edge. Attitude Clothing have some really great basics at the moment!



Grace Neutral Bruja Crop Top 

As I write this, I’m watching Pins and Needles on Viceland (a programme about grace neutral investigating tattooing in different places around the world, the mainstream and the underground – go watch!), so naturally I have to include this Bruja bodysuit from the lady herself.


Drop Dead Dark Sky Tee

I’m having a little bit of downtime with my bod at the mo. I can’t decide whether it’s just fat days, if I’ve actually put on weight or my clothes have shrunk. So I’m basically trying different styles/silhouettes. Whereas before I was into more fitted stuff, I’m trying to be a bit baggier, a bit comfier, and this tee looks so comfy. I feel like it might be something to wear with leggings or even tights.


Urban Decay Naked Heat

My fave eyeshadow is a orangey colour, so I’ve decided that I need more of that same warm tone. THEN Urban Decay hit us with beaut so obviously I need it. It’s ridiculously pretty. Shimmer isn’t really something that I can wear (yay hooded eyelids) so I’m a bit undecided about whether it’ll be worth it to buy. Either way I am severely tempted!


What are you lusting after right now?


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