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Currently Coveting: 28th Birthday Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a wish list, and there are lots of things that are catching my eye rn. It’s also my […]

February 18, 2018
3 min read

It’s been a while since I’ve done a wish list, and there are lots of things that are catching my eye rn. It’s also my birthday (I’m 28 on the 28th of March!) in just over a month so y’know, I’m just super subtly giving you all ideas…

Leeches Optics 

I have recently picked up a new pair of Balmain glasses from Specsavers (I got discount because I get my contact lenses, woop). Which I love! You may have seen them on my Instagram if you follow me over there. But, if I had lots of money I would have plumped for a pair from Valley Eyewear. Worn by the likes of Stephanie Strazzere, Kat Von D and Marilyn Manson, they’re beautifully designed and guys, I just need the Leeches frames or the ADCC II because they’re just so pretty!


The Trent Sweater

Mary Wyatt is a brand that I haven’t had the pleasure of owning yet, but I continue to covet every time they bring out something new. I got to have a look at their clothes in person at LondonEdge last week, and now I think the next time I get paid I’ll be investing. Even their product descriptions are great. The Trent sweater, for instance, is described like this: “Wear tucked in or worn out over your favourite vinyl pants; the Trent Sweater is the perfect companion to any Downward Spiral.” Which, as a NIN fan, just makes my life.


An Ink and Wilderness Tattoo 


So, I mentioned Amy of Ink and Wilderness in my Gothmas Christmas Card post, and after falling in love with her artwork, I discovered that she’s an apprentice tattoo artist too. She’s based in Frome, which is near Bath, I think. Her designs are quite witchy, featuring lots of natural imagery as well as skulls and moons.

Sunburst Jewellery

I stumbled across Black Dust Jewellery on Instagram recently, and was instantly enamoured with the designs. From the coffin-shaped signet ring to the waxing moon ring, each piece is handmade for the strange and unusual. I would happily have it all, but the sunburst jewellery is particularly stunning. I might actually ask for this for my birthday!


A Medusa Piercing


A medusa piercing is one that sits above your cupid’s bow, and below your nose. I’ve wanted it for a couple of years, even before I got my septum done. Rachel War got it done recently and it looks SO CUTE on her, which just makes me want it even more. Sofa Oblina (above) has some kind of a double one and it is absolutely beautiful.

I’ve never had a facial piercing like that before though – I can tuck my septum up into my nose so you can’t see it – and I’m getting “you’ll have a scar” thoughts and “what will the people in the office say” thoughts, so I might have to think about it for a bit longer…

Do you think I should get a medusa piercing? Any of these things take your fancy too?


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