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Shop: Earrings – Killstar | Anti Social Shirt – Disturbia | Skirt – Old (similar) | Shoes – Public Desire | Photos – @Schrapnel_Works

In my mini Disturbia haul that I mentioned last time (*whispers* I’m not rich I just got a tax rebate…) I also got this blouse and I larve it darling. It sits a little weird on my shoulders so it occasionally feels like I’m being choked but other than that it’s pretty good… but seriously I do actually really like it. The back is almost a bit cape-like so I feel like I’m swishing round in it when I walk. I also wear it to work when I have my hair down so no one sees the ‘anti social’ embroidery!

The skirt is basically a tube of fabric. I don’t even know where it’s from. I’ve had it absolutely ages. I’m a great fashion blogger you guys, no wonder you’re reading my blog. Somehow my bf got these amazing shots even though I was wearing a nondescript skirt and it was freezing. Yeah I had goosebumps, because you know, winter, so I basically went inside and put ALL THE LAYERS ON after this.

This is also the first time I’ve got my undercut out in an outfit post. I have my hair centre parted post of the time, so you can’t really see it. I can’t just flip from one style to the other because I have to style it one way or the other for it to actually look good. What do you think? Even after about two years of shaving off the majority of the hair on one side of my head, I still love it. It allows me to be pretty one day and edgy the next. That’s also what I say about my brows… though I’ve definitely fallen out of love with drawing my eyebrows on every single damn day. Fortunately my eyebrows in this post are on fleek/point/have a strong game.

Anyway, this is the outfit I wore to go on a breakfast date with my bf. I got poached eggs on toast and eggy banana bread and he got a sausage sandwich and a cheese and tomato omelette. He had tea, I had a latte. We went to Joe’s Kitchen in York and they had loads of veggie options. I’m definitely going back this weekend!

Do you go on breakfast dates? What do you wear?