Outfit of the Day: Monday Mourning

SHOP: Monday Mourning Top – Disturbia | Dungarees – Topshop (similar) | Belt – Topshop | Boots – Public Desire (similar)| Eye Patch – Killstar […]

January 11, 2017
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SHOP: Monday Mourning Top – Disturbia | Dungarees – Topshop (similar) | Belt – Topshop | Boots – Public Desire (similar)| Eye Patch – Killstar (similar) | Parka – Disturbia (similar) | Photos by @Schrapnel_Works

This photoshoot, man. It started off with me feeling shitty about my makeup, then the photos were just not coming out the way they should have. AT ALL. I looked dumpy and felt awful. I felt myself going into that mood where everything is pissing me off and I don’t understand why my boyfriend can’t read my mind and do exactly what I want (sorry love). But it was all saved in the end when he told me to stand in the door way. Somehow that made all the difference and he saved the day (and my mood) and got all these smiley pictures out of me. He’s a little miracle worker.

I bought these dungarees in the summer (I think) and I was keeping it to do a “3 ways to wear” type post. Funds didn’t quite allow me to do what I wanted so they kind of got forgotten about. I might still do a post like that at some point. Anyway, I pulled them out when I needed something comfy but cool to wear when I staying with my mum and dad (separately) for Christmas. To be honest I had forgotten how easy they are to wear. Because they’re jeans, they do give a bit of a “i’m off to paint a house” kind of vibe, but I think the fact that they’re black and the trousers are skinny gives it an edge. I also only fastened one of the straps so I didn’t look too much like Rosie the Riveter.

Isn’t this Disturbia top cute? The detail on it is gorgeous. The lace on the sleeves and the bottom hem is just to die for.

It was a toss up between my old faithful pointy Public Desire boots and my Marceline DM boots. This time my pointy ones won. They gave the whole thing a bit of high fashion vibe (lol).

I had to put my parka on because it’s bloody freezing. It’s a cool parka though so it’s okay. Plus I got to take all sorts of thug life/hood up pictures.

Is anyone else struggling being back at work? January motivation is not going well…

Do you own dungarees? How do you style them?


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