Outfit of the Day: Moon Child

SHOP: Moon Child Jacket – Killstar | T-Shirt, Jeans – Primark | Boots – Topshop (old) | Choker – Ribbon | Necklace – Custom | […]

January 30, 2017
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SHOP: Moon Child Jacket – Killstar | T-Shirt, Jeans – Primark | Boots – Topshop (old) | Choker – Ribbon | Necklace – Custom | Bandana – Amazon | Photos by @Schrapnel_Works

It seems kind of frivolous to be posting about clothes when Donald Trump is introducing unconstitutional executive orders, restricting women’s reproductive rights, pretending everything is fine, sacking everyone who says otherwise and generally being an awful awful orange fascist puppet with rancid candy floss hair.

It seems frivolous to be posting about this fabulous faux fur/suedette jacket when Theresa May has pretty much sat back and said, do what you want Donny, it’s fine by us.

It seems frivolous, but also necessary. I have been nearly in tears watching the scenes of protest, I have retweeted and liked various anti-Trump statements, I have signed and shared online petitions and I have really felt like The End might be nigh.

(If you want ideas on stuff to do in protest of Trump, follow @OAWoodward on Twitter. Props to her).

Indulging in a little bit of something I like is necessary to make me feel okay again.

This jacket makes me channel my inner rock god. It’s all faux fur shoulder and rock’n’roll. Wouldn’t it look great if I had a guitar in these pics (extra points if I could play, but I can’t, haha). It’s pretty cosy, too, and the embroidery on the back is lovely. I managed to get it in the sale and with a gift card (thank you, in laws!) so it was a total steal at less than half the price it’s supposed to be.

Also, I am totally feeling my hair in these photos. I barely did anything to it to get it that curly! I let it air dry and then added a bit of oil to it. Normally it would end up kind of lame but it actually looks awesome, even if I do say so myself…

The rest of my outfit is really basic. Grey tee, black jeans and some on fleeeeeek accessories – a bit of ribbon round my neck, a necklace put together by the bf, and a keychain and a bandana thing tucked in to my jeans (they were £8 from Primark – they don’t have belt loops, don’t be silly). As Gordon Ramsey would say, DONE.

Whaddya reckon?


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You are absolutely killing it! That jacket is to die for!
PS. Totally know what you mean by Primark and their no belt loops thing, weird, that’w why I ended up switching to New Look jeans, the cheapies of course. Not that much more expensive but I have something to grab when I need to hoist my trousers up!

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Thank you Rachel 😘
I need something to grab too! Who knew belt loops were so handy 😛

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