Shop: Black and White Dress – Disturbia | Boots – Dr Martens | Bag – New Look (similar) | Necklace – ASOS

It’s officially December! How?! I’m not sure either to be honest. This year has been a bit of a shit show, but Christmas is well on its way and we’ll be celebrating the new year in no time. I for one am going to my parents for Christmas and I really really really can’t wait to see my family and friends from back home. I haven’t seen enough of them this year, and I’m definitely missing them. Something to remember for New Year’s resolutions I think!

So, this outfit. The dress is new. The sleeves are super long, which I love. If you know me then you’ll know that I can’t stand sleeves that end when they’re supposed to end… i.e. where your hands start. I much prefer sleeves that cover most of my hands… which is why this dress is perfect! It’s oversized and cosy, perfect for winter!

I wouldn’t recommend doing what I was doing though, chilling outside without a coat. Rookie error. I think that’s why I look moody. Because cold.

The boots must be six or seven years old now… but they’re still awesome. They’re doc martens, so I’m hoping they’ll last forever to be honest. They look good with dresses and jeans and they can survive snow. They’re a good buy, is what I’m tryna say. Though I can’t find anything similar for you coz they don’t sell ’em on the DM site anymore… so if you guys do find a similar boot, let me know!

Are you looking forward to Christmas?