Witch List February
The Witch List: February


Okay, so despite the fact that I’m starting a new job soon (yay!) and I’m saving for a car/learning to drive so I probably shouldn’t be spending much at all, I can’t help lusting after everything. There’s no real theme, they’re just all the things that I have my eye on (it’s my birthday soon, hint hint hint) so I thought I would share them with you.
My favourites are:
The Toyshades Sunglasses (Next stock them and I can’t wait for an excuse to bag them – cue Goth beachwear edition)
The Bat Wing Boots, because they are super cute and have a bit of a heel too.
The Blood Milk planchette ring, mainly because they are a bit out of my price range but oh so beautiful and I have wanted to own something by them since I discovered them. See also: the coffin ring.
Anything you’ve got your eye on?