The Witch List January – Boot Edit

The Witch List January by boundinbone Black Stud Buckle Western Heel Boots – River Island | Lauper Lace Up Boots Black Patent – Office | Monroe Boots – Hades Footwear […]

January 21, 2017
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The Witch List January

Black Stud Buckle Western Heel Boots – River Island | Lauper Lace Up Boots Black Patent – Office | Monroe Boots – Hades Footwear at Attitude Clothing | Magdalena Boots – Dr Martens | Enzo Multi Buckle Pointed Ankle Boots – ASOS

Ooh, check out all the big black boots!

Okay so I know this wish list is super late (three weeks in to the month, fyi – I was gonna do this at the beginning – soz). I’m gonna try be more organised this year, promise. To be annoyingly vague last week was really kind of hard, for various reasons, but things are definitely looking up now. And I’m excited to be able to get organised and invest some time and maybe even money :O into my blog and get stuck into some awesome content for you guys.

I love a good black boot (who doesn’t?!) and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a square toe or a pointed toe, tbh. Put some buckles on it and I’m yours.

Are you getting a Nancy downs kind of vibe from the top middle pair? I am… though thinking about it I’m not sure how I’d actually wear this pair. They’re proper witchy but also very glossy and almost boardroomy – how would you style them?

I am absolutely in love with this Hades boot. I have no idea whether they’re easy to walk in but I don’t think that they were built for that to be honest. I think they’re £188 of pretty. And they’re worth it. I just wish I had £188 to spend on pretty.

The Doc Martens look like they’re a good pair for everyday. Classy and yet versatile (just like me) is what you want in a day boot. There was a pair that was faux fur lined at one point too, which looked super cosy but they don’t seem to be on the site any more, boo.

Do you have a favourite pair of black boots?


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I’ve put those Asos boots in and taken them out of my basket so many times! They’re so beautiful but I already have WAY too many boots 🙁

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