The Witch List: Killstar Edition

The Witch List: Killstar Edition by boundinbone on Polyvore

So, Killstar is one of my favourite brands on the planet at the moment. I am pretty much obsessed and whenever they bring out anything new I’m instantly drooling over it. These are the items that I am most excited about at the moment – some are new, some have been there a while but are still just as good.

Wednesday Chiffon Collar Top – I’m loving all the riffs that Killstar have on the Wednesday Addams style. Show me a white collar and cuffs and I’ll be in it before you know it. Perfect with a pretty bra underneath.

Azrael Panty – So I spotted a pair of “panties” (cringe, Killstar, why) on this model a few weeks ago and have literally just been waiting for the knickers to drop ever since (if you’ll pardon the pun). These are just one pair of four different ones…

Dreamcatcher Earrings – These earring look gorgeous, but unfortunately they’re not the sturdiest of earrings. I’ve already been given one pair, but they only lasted two outings! The second time it *was* blowing a gale so they probably didn’t stand a chance. However, I still think the pentagram and feather combo is a winning one.

My Eye Handbag – I have an obsession with eyes. Two out of three tattoos that I have are of eyes, and pretty much every doodle I doodle is an eye, so obviously I fell in love with this bag.

They have a (black friday) sale on right now so bag these beauties (and try not to bankrupt yourself in the meantime) before they go. Let me know what you’re loving (and buying) from Killstar at the moment.
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