The Witch List September


Mysticum Luna – Bird Skull Hoop Earrings | redsofa –Molar Tooth Necklace | Attitude Clothing – Destroyed Slouchy Sweater | Dr Martens – Masha Hi Suede | Killstar – Mystic Hannah Hell Mesh Maxi | redsofa – Rune rings | Killstar – Dita Slave Choker | Killstar – Aurora Ankle Socks

I think summer is over. I was actually cold this morning and now I have an actual cold.

Boo to being sick, but yay to autumn! It’s September already!
Autumn means lots of things to me:
  • wearing boots without the sweaty boot rash (sneaky Futurama reference for the nerds at the back)
  • not shaving my legs every other day (who am i kidding, I never did that in summer anyway)
  • layers and hats and cute coats
  • halloween and the countdown to christmas
  • my siblings’ birthdays (they grow up so fast)
  • new stationary – it always feels like back to school in September

This September’s Witch List is sort of half summery and half wintery. The floaty sheer maxi dress from Killstar looks rather beautiful and witchy, perfect for warmer weather. The boots, socks and jumper are a bit more suitable for the cooler weather (though this is Britain, doy, so you know you can wear them pretty much whenever).

The jumper I’m quite surprised about to be honest. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t have a brand attached to it, on the Attitude Clothing site anyway, so I don’t who’s made it, but it looks like a basic that I definitely wouldn’t mind having in my wardrobe!

These socks are really cute! Look at that crescent moon print. A couple of things from the new Killstar collection made it into my Witch List. I think I need to have a Killstar free month to be honest… getting sick of typing the letters!

The jewellery from redsofa is so beautiful. I could have included everything quite frankly but I had to pick two. You HAVE to check out the scythe earrings too – they look really awesome in your ears.

Are you looking forward to autumn?