Under Your Spell



Underwear. The great conundrum. You probably have three choices when you open up your underwear draw in the morning. Something oh so comfortable, something sexy that (you imagine) will make you feel unstoppable all day (that is until your bra starts digging in and your boobs start hurting and you regret not wearing bigger pants) or something you should have thrown out a while ago. If you’re anything like me, the decision making process starts with comfy, then when they’ve run out; sexy, then when you don’t have any more tiny see through pants; it gets down to the stuff you should throw out. Then, and only then, is it laundry time.
On that note, here are some pretty looking lingerie sets and pieces that are I can’t really afford but in Darcie-fantasyland really would quite like to get my hands on. They fall in to the sexy category, in case you haven’t guessed. The Agent Provocateur/Charlotte Olympia set is my favourite – spider webs and spider adornments are goth girl dreams are they not? It’s just a shame they cost hundreds of pounds each!
Harnesses can make any underwear look instantly cooler, whether you’re wearing them over clothes or under them. Malice have lots of different styles, from leg harnesses to full body ones to tops and they’re all very reasonably priced.

The great thing is that there are loads of indie designers out there, so if you’re looking for something more unusual than what I’ve included in the first pic, then you’re in luck. Here are some of my fave brands (to look at on Instagram at least!)






If you’re struggling to find any cool goth underwear that you can afford, my advice is just to go high street, go plain black, lace, mesh or something with lots of straps and goth it up with a couple of harnesses. The good thing about harnesses too, is that they are relatively easy to make. Spookyfatbabe DIYed her pentagram cage bra in this post using elastic.

I think I’ll do a comfy version of this post too. Underwear that won’t break the bank, looks cute and doesn’t have you running to the loo in the middle of the day just to take your bra off for a bit. Maybe even pjs! Kooky and Comfy. Stay Tuned!

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