10 Black Flowers for your Goth Garden

Dark florals to goth up your garden.

May 5, 2024
5 min read

Black flowers are beautiful, good for pollinators (bees and butterflies!) and perfect for green-fingered goths. Your garden should be an extension of your home and your style, so we’ve listed our favourite goth blooms to help you goth up your garden. 

We talked to Chloe Hurst, who runs a goth gardening Instagram account, The Goth Garden. She says, “[Black flowers] make a GREAT statement piece. Oftentimes gardens have lots of pretty and bright colours so seeing a dark plant or flower can make your garden all the more haunting and mysterious. You can use them in large planters along pathways or corners, or you can even sprinkle them in your actual garden as well.”

Are black flowers natural?

It is quite rare to find a true black flower. Most of the flowers in this list are a deep purple or red, but they can be so dark that they look black, especially if you juxtapose them with white.

Do black flowers need any special care?

“In most cases, no! They are treated as any regular plant according to their light and watering requirements. Of course your Zone plays a huge factory as well, but for the most part my plants are fairly stress free.” Says Chloe

Black Tulips
Image credit: Chloe Hurst, The Goth Garden

Tulips are a classic flower that come in a wide variety of colours, including dark purple. “Queen of the Night” tulips are a beautiful deep maroon shade, with glossy petals and a long stem. “Black Hero” tulips are even more dramatic though. They take the colour of Queen of the Night but with twice as many petals, “they are a deep purple / near black that are usually the first to pop in my garden every spring. Compared to regular tulips, these almost appear the size of peonies! Super cool and exciting for us Canadians – as it’s a sign that spring is actually here and warmer weather is ahead.” Chloe says. 

Black Pansies
Image credit: getty images

One of the easiest black flowers to grow and care for, pansies are a must have if you’re a newbie goth gardener. There are even a few different varieties of black pansy that you could go for, including “Black Velvet”, “Atlas Black” and “Black Moon” – all gorgeous. You can even eat the flowers! 

“Black Mamba” Petunias
Image credit: Chloe Hurst, The Goth Garden

“Black Mamba” petunias is one of the darkest flowers available at the moment and one of Chloe’s go-to flowers for her garden every year, “The petunias are a true black flower with a velvety touch. They trail and multiply throughout the summer too and fill up any planters or blank areas in a garden beautifully.” Chloe says.

“Midnight Ruffles” Hellebore 
Image credit: getty images

If you’re looking for an early bloomer, hellebore is a great plant to use in your garden. The “Midnight Ruffles” variety is a large, dark purple flower with lightly ruffled petals and dark green foliage. They like shade, blooming in winter and early spring, making hellebores ideal under trees and in shady gardens. 

“Blackwater” Bearded Iris
Image credit: getty images

A gardening newbie? Try the Bearded Iris in the “Blackwater” variety. They’re fairly indestructible, as well as being stunningly beautiful. In this dark purple shade, the striking flower shape works well with structural grasses as well as brightly coloured flowers. 

“Black Peony” Poppy
Image credit: getty images

With a big black flower, a tall stem and silvery foliage, the “Black Peony” poppy is a beautiful addition to any goth garden. Its double flower head looks lavish and pretty, and easily attracts pollinators. It’s perfect for new (or forgetful) gardeners with a sunny spot to plant them.

“Black Knight” Iris

Another iris, this gorgeous little flower boasts inky petals with golden veins running through them. The foliage is grey-green, making the contrast with the flower even prettier. They’re fragrant flowers too, with a softly spiced floral fragrance. They like moist soil, so they’d work well next to a water feature.

Bat Flower
Image credit: getty images

This exotic black flower is like nothing else on this list. Its shape and colouring is so unusual that it’s sure to be a statement in any garden. The long whisker-like leaves and large leaves at the back make it look like a bat in flight, or a cat’s face. Like bats, this flower likes the shade, but lots of warmth. It can be planted inside or out, if you have the right climate!

Black Hollyhock
Image credit: getty images

If you’re going for a hedge-witch cottage garden vibe for your outdoor space, then you have to include a black hollyhock plant. With a deep purple-black flower, a yellow throat and tall flower spikes, they’re perfect for the back of borders.

“Arabian Nights” Calla Lily 
Image credit: Chloe Hurst, The Goth Garden.

If you were to create the perfect goth flower from scratch, it would probably look like a calla lily. Elegant and shapely, they’re ideal for both the garden and as cut flowers – and even make it into a lot of goth bridal bouquets. Chloe loves these in her garden too, “Arabian Night Calla Lilies are a deep purple / near black that deepen in colour throughout the summer. Their leaves also have this starry night effect on them as well, with little white dots and speckles. SUPER magical.”


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