10 Goth Home Decor Instagrammers to Follow

Glamour manor or haunted house? Whether you’re looking for home inspo for your own home or you just love being nosy, everyone loves a good […]

January 2, 2023
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Glamour manor or haunted house?

Whether you’re looking for home inspo for your own home or you just love being nosy, everyone loves a good home account on insta. We’ve gathered some of our favourites so you can go on a goth home decor binge and get some ideas for your next decorating project. From modern monochrome to ornate vampire vibes (and even some colour, quelle horreur!), there’s something for everyone in this list.

You’ll find a range of different styles here as well as renters and owners, and accounts based in the UK and the US. 

Christina Dyer @thedyerghoulhouse

Christina Dyer’s home style is beautiful – we’re talking dark victoriana with a slice of weird. She lives in a new build, but she shows you that with a lick of (dark) paint, a whole host of interesting artwork and antique furniture, any home can be goth. She mixes victorian-style furniture and the latest interior accessories with ease. On her instagram (and tiktok) she posts her explorations too, so you can get inspo from her travels around cemeteries, stately homes and churches in the UK and across the rest of the world. 


Louise Marie @wiccans_nook

For monochrome mavens, Louise Marie’s home is the perfect inspiration. We’re talking Tim Burton-esque black and white stripes on the living room and the bedroom wall, spooky motifs everywhere and a playful vibe, this is modern goth done right. Her speciality? Creepy cute accessories, from cushions to candles, mugs and more. And, bonus! You’ll find Louise posts her nails and her outfits so you too can match your personal style to your black and white home. 


Justine Louise @project_thirteen_

If your home decor aesthetic is black on black on black, you have to check out Justine Louise’s account. Her home is a goth home through and through – they’re renovating it and turning every detail into a stunning dark aesthetic style moment. It’s super put together but playful too, with cute cushions and subtle horror details to keep it fun. Our favourite bit? The black kitchen. The black hexagon tile backsplash, black walls and black cupboard doors are to die for. 


Skye @queenofskulls

In between sharing her bone and skull art, Skye gives us sneak peeks into her home. She describes herself as a dark maximalist, and as you can imagine her home is full of her personal collection of bones and artwork. It’s not devoid of colour – there’s dusky blues, bottle greens and rust reds too. She has a mirror wall too, featuring an array of increasingly ornate gold frames, perfect for bouncing the light around the room without turning your back on your beloved style.


Lady Vamp @vampmanor

Clue’s in the name – if your aesthetic is a wealthy Victorian vampire who lives in a luxurious manor, you need to be following this insta account. What we can’t believe? This is a rental. A rental! Lady Vamp is an artist who loves gothing up furniture and adding extra luxe details, every image is perfection. Ouija board coffee table? Check. Antique candelabras? Check. Creepy family photos, vintage cameras and odd little curios? Check, check, check.


Taylor Reynolds @tayl_or_treat

If you aren’t already following Taylor, you should do it right now. Her style is very green witch meets creepy victoriana. Her white walls are covered in ivy, bunches of leaves hang across the window and plants adorn every surface. There’s ouija boards, oddities and antiques too. Think a doll’s house, gold ornate mirrors and a stunning Victorian style couch. She also posts her very *aesthetic*explorations around New England – including Salem and Sleepy Hollow.


Jade & Jamie @thegoffgaff

Based in bonny Glasgow, this set of goth parents are updating a 1900’s home and boy is it full of features. From graphic monochrome snake wallpaper to a black downstairs loo, there’s lots to look at. It’s not all black though, with lush colour combinations popping up all over. Their living room in particular is delicious, with a gold sofa, dark blue walls and a green armchair. The dining room even has a flower wall – proof that goths do love colour after all.


Naomi @wheretheshallowsbreak

Another collector of antiques and oddities, Naomi posts her finds, tidbits of her home and her explorations of the east coast of the US. She seamlessly combines antiques with modern home decor pieces, creepy oddities with kitschy touches. Dark walls, gold candelabras, anatomical drawings, spiderwebs captured in frames. It’s a spooky-lovers heaven. Her cat is pretty damn cute too.


Lucy @haus.of.wilbur

Renovating a 1930s house in Warwickshire, Lucy’s style is definitely dark maximalism. We’re talking dark walls, velvet sofas and a helluva lot of artwork. Our favourite room is the black one (obviously!). It’s the black walls, olive green sofas, the gallery wall and the ornate detailing – the white ceiling rose in particular against the black is just so delicious. The sputnik style ceiling light can’t help but draw the eye either. We love the pop of pink on the front door too!


Dannie @danniedarko

Combining personal style and home decor style, Dannie posts outfit pics, make up and of course, her gorgeous crypt. It’s hella monochromatic – black and white walls, stripes, black furniture and only the very slightest hints of colour. With a generous helping of glam style (think ornate detailing and chandeliers), clean modern lines and some creepy-cute TK Maxx and indie maker finds, Dannie’s style is definitely worth a follow on insta.


Who are your favourite goth home decor influencers?


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