10 Goth Things to Do in Birmingham

Birmingham is brimming with goth things to do.

April 28, 2024
4 min read

Haunted houses? Check. Creepy catacombs? Check! Alternative markets? Yep. Rocking bars? That too! While it doesn’t have the most exciting reputation, Birmingham should definitely be on your list of goth destinations.

Whether you’re a culture vulture or you just prefer a good night out, good old Brum has got you covered. Read on to discover 10 things you must do if you’re a goth visiting Birmingham. 

Bacchus Bar 
Image credit: Bacchus Bar

One of the oldest pubs in Birmingham, Bacchus Bar is a must visit if you’re a goth visiting the city. Descent the stairs into the basement in the Burlington Arcade, and it’s like you’re going back in time. The Bacchus Bar has historically-themed rooms, from ancient Egypt and Greece to Medieval times, full of dark corners for plotting in. 

The Oasis 
Image credit: The Oasis

The Oasis is an alternative market in Birmingham city centre. It’s been around since 1971, and it’s still an iconic spot for anyone calling themselves goth, emo or generally alt. You can get a piercing or a tattoo, pick up a record or a poster from your favourite band, and a new outfit, all under one roof. There’s five floors to explore! 

Red Brick Market 
Image credit: Red Brick Market

Another independent market, Red Brick Market in Digbeth is a great place to visit if you’re a goth. While not as strictly alternative as The Oasis, it’s still very eclectic. There’s a tatt shop, an alternative fashion shop, an antique shop and more (there’s nearly 200 traders) to discover. It’s also dog friendly and has a cafe! 

Subside Bar
Image credit: Subside Bar

A rock bar with a great atmosphere, Subside Bar is just opposite the O2 Academy venue, making it the perfect place to warm up before (and wind down after) a gig. With two pool tables, a shisha pavillion and an excellent soundtrack, Subside is a bar you have to visit if you’re having a night out in Birmingham. 

The Coffin Works
Image credit: The Coffin Works

One of the best things to do in Birmingham if you’re a goth is visiting The Coffin Works. It’s an historic coffin furniture manufacturer that made the fittings for the funerals of Princess Diana and Winston Churchill to name a few. You can take a guided tour and get demos of the old Victorian machinery, or go on a self-guided one. 

St Philips Cathedral
Image credit: Birmingham Cathedral

Also known as Birmingham Cathedral, St Philips is a small but stunning baroque cathedral set in a garden with old gravestones and monuments. It’s in the centre of the city, but it’s a calm haven, away from the hustle and bustle. The pre-raphaelite stained glass windows are recently restored and beautiful. Perfect if you’re a goth who enjoys religious architecture and iconography.

Warstone Lane Catacombs 
Image credit: Warstone Cemetery

Dating from 1847, Warstone Lane Cemetery has two tiers of catacombs that are well worth a visit if you’re a goth in Birmingham. The catacombs themselves have been blocked off, but the Roman amphitheater shape and Gothic revival style makes it an interesting place to be nonetheless. They were used as air raid shelters during World War Two – creepy! 

Black Sabbath Bridge
Image credit: Black Sabbath Bridge

Of course we had to mention Black Sabbath, one of the most famous exports of Birmingham. If you’re into the band, visit the tribute bench and bridge on Canal Street. Take a selfie with the members of the group and imagine them wandering around Brum.

Devil’s Dog
Image credit: Devil’s Dog

Devil’s Dog in Digbeth is a must on your list of things to do in Birmingham if you’re a goth. It’s a live music venue, hosting only the most morbid of goth artists and the most heinous of metal bands. So if you’re spending a weekend in Birmingham, take a look at what they have on. They even have club nights hosted by the likes of Eddies Rock Bar. 

Aston Hall
Image credit: Aston Hall

One of the most haunted buildings in the UK, Aston Hall is a Jacobean style house with over 300 rooms to explore. Discover the Long Gallery, the Great Stairs and tranquil gardens. It tells tales of the English Civil War, of daughters locked away for years and of mysterious ladies that watch over the house. 


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