12 Things that Make Me Happy

Happy #internationaldayofhappiness everyone! If you’ve had a little gander at my about page you’ll have seen a list of things that make me happy. Mainly […]

March 20, 2017
3 min read

Happy #internationaldayofhappiness everyone!

If you’ve had a little gander at my about page you’ll have seen a list of things that make me happy. Mainly it’s food. And cats.

Here’s an extension of that list:

1. Family. My family make me happy. They are also a bit annoying sometimes (hi 👋) but they are all so talented and ambitious. I’m proud of them all, whether they’re plastering, writing novels, making art, creating music or baking key lime pie decorated with chocolate dust dinosaurs.

2. Mark. I know, I know. Pass the bucket. I am not one for excessive PDAs and soppy social media statuses but you should know that he makes me happy and that is that.

3. The Cat. Officially her name is Minerva (as in McGonagol) but she mostly gets called The Cat, Baba or Pig. She is unsociable unless cold, loves bobbles and her favourite day would consist of going exploring in the garden with a Dreamie picnic.

4. A freshly shaven undercut. This is a bit weird but I like the shape of my head. It also feels great when the wind blows and you can feel it on your scalp.

5. A good cup of tea. You know when it’s just perfect? Just the way you like it and the right temperature too? Yeah that. I like mine milky and sweet, ta.

6. A book that you can’t wait to pick up. I love reading. I love it. I don’t do it enough at all any more. Occasionally, usually when I’m travelling somewhere I’ll get hooked by something. And then I’ll just take every opportunity to get a bit of my book in. Ah, I want to read something now!

7. Drag Race. When I’m feeling low, the best pick me up I know of is RuPaul’s Drag Race. There are so many queens I love, I don’t even know where to start. This year I definitely need to go and see some of them live, for sure.

8. When an outfit in my head looks good on. In my head I have a perfect figure so things that look bangin’ when I imagine it don’t always look good when I’m actually wearing it, so when it does I’m always super happy! And then I have a bit of a swagger. You can’t stop me.

9. When I make someone laugh. I always remember writing a joke into my manager’s speech at an awards ceremony (it wasn’t a particularly good one tbh – the joke, that is) but everyone laughed when he said it and I was chuffin’ chuffed. My career in comedy is currently on hiatus however, don’t get your hopes up.

10. When Mark makes me food. I like cooking, but when he brings me a bowl of steaming mash and BBQ beans (you can’t judge me, this is my blog) it makes me do a happy face.

11. When a cat comes and says hello. “Hello!” “Meow” “Oh hello! Yes aren’t you lovely” “Meow” etc etc

12. Showered, clean pjs, clean bedding. Bliss. It’s even better if you’ve got a new bed (like I just have!) There should be a name for this, tbh. Anyone got one?

What makes you happy?


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