2019 in Tattoos

I know that title sounds like I had a wild year of tattoos – sorry to disappoint, but I only had three. #clickbait Here’s my […]

December 28, 2019
3 min read

I know that title sounds like I had a wild year of tattoos – sorry to disappoint, but I only had three. #clickbait

Here’s my year in tattoos!

Witchy Lady

Witchy Lady by Sarah Whitehouse. Image by me.

I got this tattoo on my birthday in Manchester from Sarah Whitehouse.

She’s a naked, tattooed, horned lady who has a bat friend (my tattoo, not Sarah!!) She does not have a name, because I don’t really name things tbh. It only occurred to me after it was done that I now have a naked lady on my arm, ha!

She lives on my inner forearm, and I ate a big stack of pancakes after. It was a great day.

Black Phillip

Black Phillip by Sarah Whitehouse. Image by @Wolfspit on Insta.

Another one from Sarah Whitehouse, this time at Sacred Electric in Leeds. She was guesting there and I thought the idea of a Black Phillip goat in Sarah’s style would be really cute! And I was right, right?? Super cute.

He’s only named because he’s already a character. Only reason.

Finger Dots

Finger dots by Sacred Electric. Image by me.

These were definitely the most painful tattoos I’ve experienced so far.

Quick, but certainly not painless.

I was on a Bumble friend date to meet Laura for the first time, and the plan was to get food and get tattooed. We went into Sacred Electric in Leeds as walk ins, and they were pretty busy, so we went and got food first. We headed to Trinity Kitchen and got (vegan) cheese related goods. I got a toastie, I think.

Anyway, it was about 4 hours after we had eaten that they finally called us to come and get tattooed.

I got about 6 finger dots in and I started to get really hot and a little bit faint… I managed to breathe through the last four fingers but afterwards I felt sick and hot and like I was going to pass out… so much so that Laura had to run to the nearest Tesco to grab me an egg sandwich.

I am not sure how anyone gets their fingers fully tattooed!!

2020 Plans

I definitely want more from Sarah Whitehouse, because I just love her style. Not sure what exactly yet, but I’m thinking something with a skull.

I also want some on my legs, shoulders and chest and more on my arms (but absolutely none on my fingers!!). But I am a bit indecisive so I don’t really know what I’ll get yet.

Basically I want to be heavily tattooed but that might take a while!

What tattoos did you get 2019? What are you gonna get in 2020?


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