At the moment I have three tattoos, and I fully intend on more… I just need the dollar to go and get it done. As I mentioned in my tattoo and piercing post last year, I really want some big pieces, so basically I need to save up! There are lots of amazing tattoo artists out there, but these are three that pretty much blow my mind with every piece I see on Instagram and they’re totally getting my money at some point.

Kelly Violet 

All of the Parliament Tattoo crew are awesome to be honest, but Kelly’s work is just gorgeous. It’s detailed yet bold – her birds and flowers are particularly good, but I think she can turn her hand to anything she wants to.

I don’t really know what I’d have just yet, because everything she does is beautiful and I’d have it all if I could tbh. But watch this space…(don’t ask me where, I don’t know)

Based in London, her books are often closed, her work is that popular. I know they’re opening again in March, though, so go take a look!


Thomas Bates

Based in Norwich and London, Thomas Bates’ work has an illustrative vibe (because he used to be an illustrator, duh). They’re the type of tattoo you want to look at close up because you know there’s loads of detail.

Whether it’s skulls, moths, geometry, Thomas adds an artistry to every piece.


Jimi Jugio

A Paris-based tattoo-artist that works at La Maison de Tanneurs, I only know him through the Brighton Tattoo Con, cos he’s gonna be there in April. I love love love the eye with the thorns and nails. I need to stop getting eye tattoos though I think…

Any tattoo artists that you’re in awe of? Any that you think I’d like?