This is basically a big list of all the brands I love. Many you’ll know, some you won’t (hopefully – I need some cool goth style cred or something), so enjoy!


  1. Killstar – I think if you’ve read anything I’ve done so far, you’ll probably will realise that I like Killstar’s clothing quite a bit. I love that it’s British, that they’re globally successful, and that their clothes are really cool.
  2. Iron Fist – another well-known brand, Iron Fist is fun, a little bit gaudy and knocks out some beautiful pieces.
  3. Disturbia – I only own a couple of things from Disturbia (a parka jacket and a bikini top and bottom. I’m so eclectic, I know) but I was really impressed with the quality and the speedy delivery. a dress and boots from Disturbia and a hat from Restyle – read Alternative Autumnal Dresses
  4. Lip Service – a clothing company that’s been around for a while, I have a couple of things from Lip Service, and they’re really great quality.
  5. House of Widow – these guys are kind of a spin off of Lip Service, I think. Their clothes are very witchy, though with modern cuts. They seem to be a bit on and off though, with their social media updated irregularly and their website seems to be offline rn… but you can buy the odd piece on
  6. UNIF – UNIF are an american brand, that are really good for chunky, in your face knits and big black boots.
  7. Alice Takes a Trip – a Sheffield based brand, Alice Takes a Trip, is delightfully home grown. It’s a little bit whimsical, a little bit dark, but the brand is also a little bit raw and grass roots, but it all adds to the charm. www.alicetakesatrip.comWearing a jumper by Killstar and a skirt by Lip Service – read Murdered Out
  8. Drop Dead – minimal and cool, Drop Dead are all about the detail, like zip pulls and subtle prints.
  9. Killing Tree Clothing – known for their arty t-shirt designs, Killing Tree also do intricate designs on wooden phone cases, razor blades and more.
  10. Punk Paws – still quite small as a brand, their designs are dog and cat orientated, but with a goth/punk edge. They donate 10% of sales to Cats Protection, which as a catmum, makes me very happy indeed.
  11. Spin Doctor – simple silhouettes and interesting patterns. Wearing dress from Disturbia, creepers from Underground Shoes, bag from Alice Takes a Trip – read Forest Dress and Fur Coat
  12. Long Clothing – not just for tall people, Long Clothing definitely has a cool nu goth / hipstery vibe.
  13. Restyle – based in Poland, this brand sort of teeter totters between being victoriana goth and nu goth.
  14. Punk Rave – self-styled as gothic lolita, punk and visual kei, this brand is another that seems to mix a number of different goth styles.



  1. Mysticum Luna – they have clothes now as well as accessories, swimwear, dresses and tops. Their pins, rings and candles are perfect too.
  2. Blood Milk Jewels – this jewellery is so gorgeous. With a New England, Salem witch meets victorian mourning vibe, I can’t wait to get my hands on a whole range of their pieces.
  3. Regal Rose – unique and beautifully made, Regal Rose always have a great Halloween collection. pins from Mysticum Luna
  4. The Rogue and The Wolf – I’ve just been given a couple of pieces for my birthday, and I love them (see my instagram for arty farty pictures of my hand with flowers, etc). It does feel a little bit strange wearing rings and them being so light! Very reasonably priced too.
  5. The Pumpkin Coven – victoriana and nu goth style accessories.
  6. TUK – creepers and boots, galore. Everything from maryjanes to combat boots, they’ve even got vegan styles.
  7. Underground – with a variety of designs, Underground adds something of street cool to their shoes. Something I like about the brand is that it’s quite versatile too, and doesn’t just appeal to big ol’ goths.
  8. New Rock – beautifully made shoes and boots with a particular look and feel. You can even design your own. Wearing black 3D printed cat skull ring from Rogue and Wolf – read The Truth is Out There
  9. YRU – inspired by “freedom and individuality” YRU shoes are pretty unique, featuring lots of platforms and chunky designs.
  10. Demonia – goth lolita shoes, big chunky boots, you name it Demonia have got it.
  11. Lunatick Labz Cosmetics – the packaging is super cool. The pressed powder planchette and the lipstick bullets are goth girl dreamzzz gurl. Their products are also vegan and cruelty free!
  12. RaveNailz – Handpainted press on nails so good you’ll have trouble just picking one design (and you’ve told yourself you can treat yourself to one). From ouija board inspired nails to ones that a mermaid might wear, there’s so many to choose from! Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette, Foundation Brush and Tattoo Liner
  13. Kat Von D Beauty – another brand with absolutely insane packaging, Kat Von D is definitely up there. If you haven’t tried any of her stuff yet, do. Try her brushes out for sure. In the UK, you can find her stuff in Debenhams.
  14. Manic Panic – a new york brand (so you know it’s cool), formed by a couple of badass ladies, manic panic is a must have for bright colours that stick around.
  15. Gasoline Glamour – these guys have got lots of different types of accessories, from sunglasses to shoes to phone cases. They’re all over the top and embellished and incredible.
  16. Toyshades – I actually found these on Next’s website. They’re very reasonably priced and some of their sunglasses are really cool. Check out Gatewood and Rafferty.

Which ones are your favourites?