5 Piercing & Tattoo YouTubers You Won’t Be Able to Get Enough of

Whether you just love tattoos and everything about them or you enjoy getting grossed out by horribly infected piercings, these five YouTubers will help you […]

January 5, 2023
3 min read

Whether you just love tattoos and everything about them or you enjoy getting grossed out by horribly infected piercings, these five YouTubers will help you get your fix. From reaction channels and vlogs to interviews and information, this list of piercing and tattoo YouTubers has everything you need to while away an afternoon. Take a look… 


Image credit: Roly

No list of piercing and tattoo YouTubers is complete without Roly. Often effervescent with rage at piercing fails and tattoo nightmares, he makes people’s (and professionals’) bad choices simply hilarious. He has lots of piercings himself so he’s super knowledgeable, and has recently got a full sleeve and leg tattoo. Roly runs a podcast, Gag of the Millennial with best friend and fellow YouTuber Luxeria. They cover everything from retro games to hellish retail stories. It really is like hanging out with friends. Gout, girls! 


LuLu’s Body Piercing

Image credit: LuLu’s Body Piercing

A California-based piercing studio and an international online body jewellery shop, LuLu’s YouTube channel is a tour de force. They put out loads of content, from people’s experience getting pierced in the studio to pros & cons of piercing and jewellery  types – there’s loads to get stuck into. They keep it real, even filming videos about infected piercings. They do vlog style videos too, keeping us up to date with the latest goings on with the studio and the people that work there (who you’ll see throughout the videos that they create). 


Treacle Tatts

Image credit: Treacle Tatts

Another reaction channel, Treacle Tatts is all about tattoos. From AITA to TikTok to subscriber tattoos, it’s clear Lauren is a true tattoo enthusiast and she loves looking at what the internet has to offer. She makes videos about her own tattoos too, as well as cosmetic tattoos, vlogs on holidays, decorating her home and more. She’s a hard worker, with a keen upload schedule that sees her uploading at least two videos a week, so you won’t be short of tattoo content with Treacle Tatts. 



Image credit: Inked YouTube

The Inked YouTube channel is an extension of the magazine – an homage to tattoo culture. Their most popular videos are tattoo artists reacting to weird/bad/amazing tattoos, which are always fun to watch. They also get them spilling their wildest client stories and their answers to questions like “what tattoos do you refuse to do?” and “are face tattoos worth it?”. You can find interviews with artists and heavily inked people too, for the stories that make them truly unique, as well as advice for people wanting tattoos. 


Piercing with Scott

Image credit: Piercing with Scott

Scott has been a piercer since the mid nineties, but only very recently started his YouTube in January of 2020. He’s based in Las Vegas, where he owns and runs a piercing studio – so he’s done and seen everything. He creates a variety of fun informational videos that range from deep dives into specific piercings and questions you might ask if you’ve got piercings, to “what piercings should I get” where people send in their faces and Scott tells us what piercings he thinks they should get. 



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