Alternative Autumnal Dresses to Wear Now

  It’s definitely autumn now. September couldn’t quite make up its mind and there were a few days where it was beautifully sunny and warm. […]

October 12, 2017
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It’s definitely autumn now. September couldn’t quite make up its mind and there were a few days where it was beautifully sunny and warm. We’re nearly two weeks into October and the weather has definitely taken a turn.

So now, as imagine lots of us are, we’re turning with relish to warmer jackets and cardis and layers. Lots of layers. We’re not quite into faux fur and woolly hats (not where I am anyway), but we’re getting there.

You may have seen on Instagram that it was my best friend’s birthday recently – and for the occasion we went for a night out in Birmingham. As you can imagine I started thinking about my outfit pretty much straight away.

My mind went from a sheer top and a harness affair to a sharp af suit. But I couldn’t find anything I loved until I discovered the dress I’m wearing in this post. So, I went and bought it. Bragged about it on Twitter. Then it arrived.

I tried it on, and with my hair in a bun, I felt like I was a Victorian school teacher. I almost felt frumpy to be honest. Not exactly the vibe I was going for – and not exactly a dress you can go to a club in. It was also very tight around the neck.

So in terms of the night out, it was a bust. In the end I bought something on the same day (but you’ll find out more about that in my next post). It got relegated to over the back of my chair for the time being.

I couldn’t bring myself to send it back, though. It was – and is – a beautifully put together dress.

Mark convinced me that it’s supposed to be a bit restrictive. It’s got a collar, and it’s in a Victorian style. It’s supposed to be a bit more formal. I tried it again for the second time, with cooler temperatures, a fresh dye job and a better attitude, and discovered that actually, it looks freaking cool. I would feel better about wearing it if the neck wasn’t as tight, but it’s not as uncomfortable as I first thought it was.

It’s actually perfect for the autumnal weather. The fabric is a little thicker, it has long sleeves, and the collar keeps your neck nice and toasty.

I’ve had a little trawl of all our fave stores for an autumn dress edit that’ll see you through to winter! Let me know which ones are your favourites?

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