I know I’m so far behind the bandwagon I’m just wandering around in the woods looking for some kind of sign that there once was a bandwagon, *but* I bought some flares! They’re nothing special really, they’re just black, they’re just jeans, they’re just from Topshop.

And I absolutely love them.

They make my arse look great, for a start.

I do sort of feel like I’m about 15 again, wearing school trousers. Except now I think (hope lol) I have a better/more refined sense of style, and I can really freaking rock a set of flares now.


I’ve spent such a long time in skinnies I was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t know how or none of my other clothes would go with them. I didn’t really consider this before I bought them, no, of course not. I don’t do that.

But, I’ve been trying a few things on and so far, so good. Apart from when I tried on a mid-calf length double side split t-shirt/dress thing with them. That wasn’t great.

Flares are so comfy, and they do make more a statement than skinnies, even though these ones are pretty basic. It makes me feel like I could probably handle a burnt velvet patterned pair, and even venture into bigger bell bottoms (ah it takes me back to my youth, when I’d spend my days in massive trousers and skinny fit tees).

I feel like I did good with this outfit though, what do you think? The black witch dress from Rogue and Wolf is a little bit on the small side, despite it being a medium, so wearing it as a dress hasn’t been a thing in my life to be honest (who can be arsed to think about their hemline all the time). When I had the brain wave to pair it with my flares I definitely felt smug, ngl.

Then because it’s so cold I layered it up with an asymmetric cardigan from Killstar and my Church of Sanctus Asylum coat.

Do you own flares? How do you wear them?

Whoa, hold up. I forgot to talk about the necklace! Mark reminded about it and when I put it on initially, I wasn’t feeling it. At all. I’m blaming the light in my bedroom. It’s terrible. I started feeling it though and I am glad I did. It is a bit of a shame that you can’t turn it upside down and make it #satanic but I can live with it.

Also – can we just take a minute to admire Mark’s handiwork on these photos please? He’s definitely the Instagram husband of my dreams…

Okay I’m done. What do you think?