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Happy Easter y’all. My plans include catching up on my blog (and maybe even get ahead! No!), to chill out with Mark and sort out […]

April 12, 2017
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Happy Easter y’all.

My plans include catching up on my blog (and maybe even get ahead! No!), to chill out with Mark and sort out my life a little bit.

What have you got planned?

If it’s shopping, then come a little closer and tuck into this tasty post of all the things I want right now that I’ve got lined up for you!


An ethical entymology supplier, MiniBeasts sell all sorts of butterflies, insects and spiders and basically I really want one, or several. A few years ago I didn’t like this sort of thing at all, but knowing that these animals are ethically sourced puts my mind at ease. Some of the specimens are absolutely beautiful, like this Alpine Black Swallowtail.

Punk Paws ‘Summons’ Cat Bed

Currently the cat’s bed is a cardboard box in the living room. She likes to sit in it and nap, when she wants to be in the same room as us but not actually interact with us, though she is actually sat next to me as I type this, shock horror. We are slowly doing up the living room and the chewed on cardboard cat box is something that will have to go… the problem comes when you spend money on a fancy cat bed and then they never even go near it.

That said, I love this cat bed from Punk Paws. I have no idea whether the cat would use it, but it’s getting bought either way!

Abandon Ship Apparel Merman Raglan

I mean, just look at it. Take it in. It’s literally just perfect. I really like Abandon Ship Apparel, their designs are always super cool.

The Ragged Priest Black Label Overkill Jeans

So these jeans are £195, but they are so pretty! And this is a wish list, so I’mma gonna say what I wish I could afford. They look like they’d be heavy, but they’d definitely make a statement. Plus it’s a nice way to jazz up a pair of jeans, no?

Deandri Roselle Dress

Alright alright I know I only posted about them the other day, but Deandri is absolutely killing it and it makes me sad that I can’t buy everything every time they appear on my Insta feed (if anyone is off to America anytime soon please buy me everything). I particularly like this Roselle Dress and and of the belts and harnesses, and the knee/leg braces are perfect too.

Mary Wyatt London

Everything please.


Another one where I basically want everything but it’s an American company so I can’t justify the cost of the shipping and customs etc etc. Every time I scroll past on Instagram I do a little cry. Wah.

What are you lusting after rn?


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