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Happy Sunday! It’s a bit windy and rainy and horrible where I am so I thought I’d do a post on the things that I’m […]

March 19, 2017
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Happy Sunday! It’s a bit windy and rainy and horrible where I am so I thought I’d do a post on the things that I’m loving at the moment. I used to do this in the Witch List format but I like the alliteration of “currently coveting” so I’m doing it like this for now!

The Rogue and The Wolf – MoonDoll

Images from The Rogue and The Wolf Website

Known for their 3D printed occult style jewellery, The Rogue and The Wolf have long been a favourite of mine. I love their rings in particular, but my skinny witch hands are too slim and the smallest size fits on my index finger. They have recently released a fashion collection, MoonDoll. The collection features “bewitching cardis, kawaii crops, cult hoodies, devilishly cute dresses and sick leggings”. The hemlines all round are particularly good – pointy and witchy and perfect.


Charlotte Clark Designer Maker

Images from the Charlotte Clark Designer Maker Website

Me and Mark have started to focus on our home (you’re gonna get a blog post on that later!) so we’ve started making decisions about how we want it to look. And we both know that Charlotte Clark is going to get our money. Another one I’ve been coveting for a while, her ceramics are usually decorated with skeletons, bones and anatomy. My particular favourites at the moment include most of her bathroom stuff, including the tentacle/octopus splashback tiles. She also does prints and cards too.


Mysticum Luna – Unisex Rings & Pin Game

Images from the Mysticum Luna Instagram

Mysticum Luna are really upping their game at the moment. I am loving their unisex rings. They sort of remind me of The Great Frog rings, except more affordable. Big, chunky and heavy metal, these rings would make a pretty perfect gift for the guy in your life if you wanted to also steal it and wear it. They seem to have an excellent variety of sizes too, which is good for me, skinny witch hands and all.  I particularly like the Sanctum ring (as above) and the Rutrum rings, which is an ace of spades.

ML’s pin game is pretty strong too. In my last outfit post you would have seen a “witches before bitches” patch, which I *love*. So much so that I can’t decide whether to frame it and hang it or leave it on that jacket. The “Sin” pin, the Ouija board and the crazy bat lady are all pins I’ve got my eye on – go look!


Disturbia – Salem Tee & Nightmare Snare

Images from the Disturbia Website

So this a tee shirt based on the “Monday Morning” Crop (I’m wearing that here) and it is simple, and gorgeous. The rest of the collection for Spring/Summer 2017 is pretty good too, but this is my fave for sure.

Also, they’ve made these “nightmare snares” that are the coolest goth dream catchers ever. They’re all sold out now, obviously, and they’re a pretty penny, but they’re definitely goth home goals.

What are you lusting after at the moment?


Conversations One so far

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I absolutely adore everything from Charlotte Clark, thanks for sharing the site!

Right now (and since forever), I feel a great need of a Ouija board from Fiendies(.com), my living room won’t be complete until I have one of the full size boards on our coffee table.

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