Cutting Edge Creativity: Where to Find the Best Alternative Hairdressers in the UK

Cutting Edge Creativity: Where to Find the Best Alternative Hairdressers in the UK

Seven alternative hairdressers that will create the hairstyles of your dreams.

February 11, 2024
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Being goth often means doing your hair at home. Whether it’s a box of black dye every month or tentatively snipping at your widow’s peak, it’s usually due to the fact that you wouldn’t trust a normie hairdresser with your precious mane. But if you fancy the salon experience – the excitement of a hairdresser who just gets your vision, the relaxation of getting your hair washed and the bougie feeling of someone else styling it – then you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered together the best alternative hairdressers that the UK has to offer, from avant-garde styles to bold edgy colours. 

Not Another Salon

Unleash your hair’s rebellious spirit at Not Another Salon, London’s haven for fearless transformations. Renowned for defying conventional norms, their avant-garde stylists specialise in bold colours and edgy cuts, ensuring each visit is a unique, empowering experience. They have a bunch of services that help them create a safe space for everyone who visits, including a silent haircut so you can opt out of chit chat and a mirrorless service for those who don’t want to stare at themselves in the mirror for hours. 

Riot Hearts

Riot Hearts is not just a salon; it’s a rebellion against the ordinary. This alternative hairdressers is LGBTQIA+-friendly, gender inclusive and non-judgemental. Nestled in the heart of Manchester, Riot Hearts craft hairstyles that defy conformity. Every strand is a statement, an ode to the unconventional, leaving you with a rebellious mane that demands attention. They charge on service and not on gender, which means that if you’re a girl with short hair, you don’t have to pay the same price as someone with long hair. 

Gypsy Rose Hair

Gypsy Rose Hair in Sheffield weaves dreams into reality, especially if you have curly or textured hair. With a blend of bohemian flair and gothic elegance, this alternative hair salon transforms your locks into a tapestry of individuality. It’s the perfect place to go for edgy styles, gothic glamour, grunge punk rock styles and bold vibrant colours. Each hairstylist’s aim is for you to leave feeling empowered in your own skin, and what more could you want from a hairdresser? 

Bad Apple Hair

At Bad Apple Hair, they embrace the rebellious side of beauty. This is an independent group of salons in the Birmingham area, and they pride themselves on being a haven for those seeking audacious transformations and rebellious styles. With a team of skilled stylists unafraid of pushing boundaries, each visit is an opportunity to indulge in what you truly want your hair to look like, not a cookie cutter version of some popular hairstyle. 

Heavy Metal Hairdresser

Simon Tuckwell, aka the Heavy Metal Hairdresser is the owner of the award-winning Tuckwell & Co hair salons in Nottingham and Derby. Specialising in head-turning, metal / goth / emo-inspired looks, Simon’s salons are where the rebellious spirit of rock and roll meets the artistry of hairstyling. You can go to him for everything from a natural colour cut to something razor-sharp and super edgy, and you’re sure to feel like a complete badass by the time you leave (if you didn’t already!). 

Harness & Mane

Harness & Mane in London is where creativity is set free. This alternative hair salon and fashion boutique embraces the avant-garde, intertwining fetish artistry with hairdressing. From intricate braids to daring cuts, their skilled stylists wield their tools like artists, creating masterpieces that are a testament to the liberation of expression, all to a legendary playlist. They hold latex life drawing events, latex pop up shops and alternative art shows at the salon too. 

Voudou Liverpool

Voudou Liverpool is an alternative hair salon and barbers in (you guessed it) Liverpool. You’re guaranteed the warmest of Scouse welcomes when you head through the door, whatever the hairstyle you’re after. They create the most incredible cuts and colours for both men and women, so walking away with your dream goth / metal / natural hair is most definitely a reality with this salon. 


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