Feeling Comfy


I promised you a comfy “lingerie” post and here it is! Last time I talked about the fancy, sexy stuff, and all very well having your lingerie for when you want to feel good, but you need the comfy stuff too – to feel good in a different way. And you can never have too many pyjamas either!
Disney villains are all the rage at the moment for some reason – I already own a pair of PJs from Topshop that have Maleficient, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen from Snow White and Jafar on them. The Disney villain PJs are from Primark, and they have a couple of designs riffing on Team good and Team bad. Disney princesses vs Disney villains, etc etc. Obviously being a big ol’ goth you have to go for the villains.
The Jake Adventure Time set is cute too – and if you’re anything like me you can’t resist anything Adventure Time.
On to the pants – I own a couple of Killstar‘s pants, and they are pretty comfy. They’re the big, bum-covering kind and the designs they’ve got in are occult cool. You wouldn’t be worried about flashing them (over the usual people-seeing-your-pants anxiety I mean), or getting run over a bus (that’s the usual excuse for wearing matching underwear, isn’t it?).
The Sourpuss “period panties” really make me laugh. They have boy shorts and briefs, and a whole range of designs parodying films and punning on blood, basically. I know some of you might cringe a bit at the thought of it, but I think it’s very clever. From Monty Python to Jurassic World, they really have thought of everything!
What are your favourite jammies to lounge around in? Any PJ/underwear brands that I need to know about?