13 Feminist Pins to Hex the Patriarchy

Pins from Mysticum Luna in their Pinscription box! I wanted to start writing more about feminism on my blog. To be honest, it kind of […]

February 7, 2018
3 min read

Pins from Mysticum Luna in their Pinscription box!

I wanted to start writing more about feminism on my blog. To be honest, it kind of scares the crap out of me so I thought I would ease myself (and you guys!) in with some fun, fashiony type content.

Punky Pins

Of course these guys have to feature high up in the list of feminist pins. They have  a whole section dedicated to the concept and all the pins are in their cute style. Punky Pins make it easy to pop a pin on and make it known that you’re not gonna take any shit. Love.


Roar Pins

Feminism isn’t all girl power and being a girl boss in your own bubble. It’s about realising where you sit in society and how that might have given you advantages over different races, genders, classes and people with disability. It’s about considering other people’s perspectives and accepting their experiences. Roar Pins absolutely nails that with just a couple of designs.



With rainbow colours and catchy lines, fairycakes are creating fun badges that pull absolutely no punches. I love these because they’re angry but they’re colourful too!


House of Wonderland

This designer is making pins for unashamed cat ladies, survivors and pop culture lovers. This one is one of my favourites from the shop (I do love the “cat hair, don’t care” ones too though).


I’m Bookish and Bakewell

Another one inspired by pop culture, but particularly books, is I’m Bookish and Bakewell. The first pin reads Brains + Boobies, which is all about women being able to be both smart, sexy or whatever the hell they want to be. The second is for all those women who are working hard to get where they want to be.


Yunique Metal

Something a little bit different for your lapel, but no less badass, are Yunique Metal’s politically charged kilt pins and necklaces. They even spilt out their categories according to issues (inc. veganism and LGBTQ+) which is super cool. All made from metal, and hand stamped, I think these kilt pins would definitely help break up your lapel in an interesting way. They even do custom designs!


Literary Emporium

If you like to look back at inspirational women from the past as part of your feminism, then Literary Emporium may have just the thing. These are beautifully designed pins (my little goth heart is yearning after the Mary Shelley one) that carry a feminist message too. Win win, right?


Do you have favourite pins? Are they political?


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