Friday 13th

Photos by @schrapnelworks Faux Leather Sleeveless Jacket – Customised Miss Selfridge (old – similar) | Dark Side Split Dress – Killstar | Mesh Bodysuit – Missguided […]

May 13, 2016
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Photos by @schrapnelworks

Faux Leather Sleeveless Jacket – Customised Miss Selfridge (old – similar) | Dark Side Split Dress – Killstar | Mesh Bodysuit – Missguided | Black Distressed Short – River Island | Fishnet Tights – Claire’s Accessories | Pervert Garter – Killstar (similar)| Lace Trim Ankle Socks – Topshop | Creepers – Underground | Bag – The White Pepper | Necklace – Ark (which has closed now, boo. Here’s a similar one) |

It’s Friday 13th. Everyone knows it’s a really unlucky day (oh no!), but there also Friday 13th-related sales which balances the karma out so we can all have a good time. Hopefully, you can also have a good time by looking at this outfit (did that come out weird? I think it came out weird.)

Anyway, this outfit is basically lots of layers. It starts with fishnets – a basic for any goth chick – then a mesh body, then a pair of shorts, a side split dress from Killstar and a sleeveless jacket. Tada!

The Killstar dress is the main event I think with this outfit. Its splits go up to about hip level, meaning that you have to wear some kind of clothing on your bottom half (unless you’re braver than I). It’s quite big and has some weight to it though, so I think you might be able to get away with it if you really wanted to and not get exposed by a gust of wind, Monroe style. I tied a knot in the front section because it swamped me a little and I wanted to be able to see the shorts.

My legs felt a little bare with so much going on up top with the dreads, the necklace, the jacket and the pins, so I added a garter. It seemed to balance it out pretty perfectly. It’s made from a Killstar beanie that was cut up. I originally bought it to wear as a hat, but it was too small and made me look like my face was too big for my head, which by all accounts is not a great look. It’s been lounging around my bedroom since then, begging to have something done with it. It just got sliced straight across and pinned so it fit my leg. Now I’ve done it, I can think of loads of ways to use it, so stay tuned for something else that gets “perverted”.

Do you love the bat bag? I found it in Topshop and didn’t want to leave without it so my boyfriend bought it for me as a present for last Christmas. It’s highly impractical because it sticks out so you bump into people and items in shops and other confined spaces but it is SO GOOD. It’s by The White Pepper but I can’t find it anywhere online. Can anyone help?

My make up and rings are the same as my last outfit post – they are both my standard go tos because I love them.

What do you think? Is layering like this something that you do too? Let me know!



Here’s a bonus pic of me enjoying an icelolly. You are welcome.

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