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January 14, 2024
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The new year brings a fresh slate to get organised, reevaluate our goals, and – of course – get new stationary (who doesn’t love new stationary?). And as we navigate the monotony of our daily tasks, appointments and deadlines, why not make sure it aligns with your goth aesthetic as well? 

This blog post is your guide to getting organized in a way that resonates with a gothic vibe. Say goodbye to mundane, neutral planners and embrace the allure of calendars and organizers that not only keep your life in order but also reflect your inner gothic sensibilities.

Whether you’re a seasoned goth or you just fancy injecting a bit of darkness into your routine, join us on a journey to discover the perfect tools for organizing your life—the goth way. After all, who said calendars can’t be both practical and beautifully macabre?

Book of Spells Planner 

image credit: BasicHexes

A beautiful planner any goth would be excited to use all year. The cover is gilded with gold moons and foliage, and inside you’ll find stunning illustrations and descriptions of zodiac signs for all your astrology needs. There’s room for notes, daily projects, priorities and more. 


Dark Forest Lunar Calendar

Image credit: HomeSeasonsEmpourium

With 12 original illustrations depicting forest creatures and foliage illuminated by moonlight and starlight, this calendar is a must have for a witchy year. You can even keep a track of the moon cycle with a little moon symbol on each day!


Emily the Strange Calendar

Image credit: Emily the Strange

She’s back for another year! Emily the Strange and her kittens are here to help you stay strange all year round. You can expect a variety of fun designs and quotes, as well as some fun dates on the calendar to celebrate, like suggesting sleeping in all day on a Thursday. 


Moon Calendar

Image credit: AquariesAstro

Look forward to every turn of the page with this Moon Calendar. In a stunning dark blue with gold detailing, you get loads of astrological info, including the moon sign and phase for each day, zodiac elements and qualities and much more. 


Spellbound Hearts Calendar

Image credit: Alchemy Gothic

This calendar is perfect for injecting gothic glamour into any space and for helping your organisational agenda. It’s a sixteen month calendar, so you’ve got sixteen gorgeous gothic illustrations to look forward to throughout the year (and longer!).


Today’s Tasks to Kill Notepad

Image credit: Samshopofhorrors

Adorned with all your favourite movie slashers and serial killers, this A6 notepad is the perfect for your day to day tasks, whether you’re an office worker or you just need to get your thoughts together. 


Skeleton Weekly Planner

Image credit: The Gothic Stationary Company

Are you the sort of goth who needs to sort their admin on a weekly basis? Then this is the planner for you. With space for a to-do list for every day of the week, notes, shopping and extras to check off, you’ll never feel more organised (or aesthetic!)


Sky Full of Stars Bullet Journal

Image credit: Papier

For goths wanting to get organised but without the constrictions of a format, there’s always the bullet journal! This one comes with a gorgeous hardcover front featuring a gold starburst. Inside, the dotted paper means that you can get creative for your own organisation. 



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