When you don’t know what to wear and your wardrobe feels really limited, what do you do? Sure, you could go shopping, but that doesn’t always help, you just have more clothes you don’t know how to wear. That’s where this list comes in. It’s full of effortlessly stylish queens doing the most with their outfits, from plus size alt babes to momma goths.

Disclaimer: this is basically me just fangirling over cool people…

1. @JessicaHazeMUA

Jessica Haze is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup artist who just has the most impeccable edgy soft goth style. I love her because she’s a glasses wearer, she’s a vegan and she shares her outfits for inspiration, not so everyone goes and buys the one things she’s styling, for example. She’s a makeup artist too, so you can get beauty inspo from her too.

2. @spitsatan

@spitsatan, or Romanna, definitely has an effortlessly cool vibe that’s hard not to envy. However, we’re not here to feel bad about ourselves or our wardrobe, we’re here to get inspired to use our clothes in a different way. Now, she does buy/get given the latest ‘on-trend’ designs, but the outfits that she puts together are relatively easy to recreate with basics.

3. @xkimberlywalker

Sharing regular mirror selfies, Kimberly is the queen of accessible style. She has the most beautiful black hair with an impossibly straight fringe that is basically the hair of my dreams if I was ever brave enough to go black. She pairs basics with fun patterned pieces, and she’s a great follow for summer goth style – Satan knows that where I struggle!

4. @urgh.kerria

Kerria is just the cutest. She’s almost always smiling in her photos, and she has loads of fun with her style, recreating outfits, doing themed ones, etc. Lots of them are super practical for every day too and she’s always got at least one item that’s second hand, which just makes my heart happy. She shares beauty bits from time to time too.

5. @charmedcollective

Basically, momma goth goals. Shantel and her kids and just the epitome of cool. Like, they even have cool goth names. Her wardrobe is mostly like black basics, so relatively easy to recreate or find something similar on Depop, but the way she puts stuff together is divine. And then her kids match. She’s everything I want to be right now and if/when I have kids.

6. @bykatieeve

Mostly a makeup account, I had to include Katie Eve because she’s another gothic queen with excellent style. She has really cool nose piercings and tattoos for a start, and her style is quite designer-y, luxury, curated, almost minimal – but it’s all black, baby. She also always has great nails, most of which she does herself with her press on nails business.

7. @karinapalmer

Karina Palmer is a British (whoop) goth girl who is just beautiful and her style is very accessible. She wears a lot of stuff from ASOS so you know it’ll be easy to find cheap or second hand. You’ll find that her outfits feature a lot of mesh too which I love – so versatile! She also shares snippets of her home, think pink walls and gothic details. Perf.

8. @margotmeanie

Margot Meanie is a goth babe who makes art and gives me major cool-but-also-super-relatable-and-i-think-she’d-be-a-great-friend girl vibes. Weirdly, though she isn’t a #corpgoth of any kind (and I work in a super casual place) she gives me a lot of work outfit ideas! I interviewed her for my Goth Life series, you check that out over here.

9. @pineapplejessiex

I don’t think that Jessie would necessarily call herself goth, but she definitely has an alt edge to her style that I think warrants her inclusion here. She loves a harness, a print/pattern and a band tee, and who could resist style like that? It’s fun and playful, but definitely has an edge. She’s got piercings, tattoos and bright red, beautifully glossy hair. Stunning.

10. @soulfulveganista

Another vegan goth babe (I didn’t do that on purpose I promise) Jamila is a little metal-head sexpot baddie, and it comes through in her style. We’re talking layers of necklaces, short skirts and showing some skin. Love! She’s super spiritual on her Insta too, as she does Tarot readings and shadow-work so she’s always ready to tell you some truths.

Who did I miss??