10 Goth Girl Instagrammers to Follow for Style Inspiration

The goth queens you need if you’re struggling with your style.

December 31, 2022
4 min read

When you’re stuck in a style rut, what do you do? Crack out this list, of course!

Struggling for outfit ideas? Got a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? You’re in need of a little goth fashion inspiration. Just take a look at this list and make sure you’re following everyone on it. With plus size alt babes, soft goths and spooky mamas, there’s sure to be someone whose style you’ll fall in love with, and will help  get you serving lewks in no time. 

1. Jessica Haze @jessicahazemua

Jessica Haze is an Aussie living in Detroit, USA, and she has the most impeccable soft goth style. She’s vegan, so she regularly posts about vegan makeup and beauty products, as well as cruelty-free fashion and animal rights in general too. She’s a great person to follow if you’re trying to ditch fast fashion as she has lots of picks from sustainable, indie brands. A lot of her looks are perfect for office goth inspo – she likes tailoring and monochromatic outfits. 


2. Romy @spitsatan

Romy definitely has an effortlessly cool-girl vibe that’s hard not to envy. She’s gorgeous for a start, but her outfits are super easy to recreate, whether you steal her style directly or you look to create something similar with basics or high street finds. You can find her in a baggy jumper and skinny jeans in one post, something skin-tight and pvc the next – but one thing’s for certain, it’ll be a banging look worth getting inspired by. 


3. Kerria @urgh.kerria

Kerria is just the cutest. She’s almost always smiling in her photos, which is a nice break from all those serious goth poses. She has loads of fun with her style, styling the same piece in different ways and recreating looks from drawings, films & shows. Lots of them are super practical for every day and she’s always got at least one item that’s second hand, which is so good to see. She’s super down to earth too, even sharing when outfits don’t go to plan. 


4. Shantel @charmedcollective

Basically, Shantel is momma goth goals. She (and her boys) are just the epitome of cool. Her wardrobe is mostly black basics, with pops of colour (usually orange – she ofc loves Halloween!). Her style is easy to recreate with existing pieces in your wardrobe, high street picks or with things you can find secondhand, but the way she puts stuff together is divine. And then her kids’ outfits match too. So cute. She shares spooky bakes, books and kids activities too! 


5. Katie Eve @evelynnoirr 

I had to include Katie Eve because she’s another gothic queen with excellent style. She has really cool nose piercings and tattoos for a start, and her style is quite designer-y, luxury, curated, minimal – but it’s all black, baby. She always has great nails, most of which she does herself with her press on nail business, and great makeup (she’s a makeup artist, of course!). Her insta is very moody and minimal too! If you’re a luxe goth, she’s the person to follow for you. 


6. Karina @karinapalmer

Karina is a British goth girl who is just beautiful. Her style is very accessible, as she wears a lot of stuff from ASOS so you know it’ll be easy to find online, either on site or second hand. She gives dark vintage vibes with her straight fringe and signature red lip, but her style is firmly in the 21st century. You’ll find that her outfits feature a lot of mesh which is great because it’s so versatile! She also shares snippets of her home – think pink walls and gothic details. Perf.


7. Margot @margotmeanie

Margot Meanie is a goth babe who makes art and gives me major cool-but-also-super-relatable-and-i-think-she’d-be-a-great-friend vibes. If you’re plus-sized and feel like you don’t how to do goth, give Margot a follow for sure. She’ll show you how it’s done. She has an Amazon shop where she curates all of her favourite picks, so you can steal her style exactly if you want – even down to her socks. Margot has excellent style, with lots of looks that would work in an office too.


8. Jessie @pineapplejessiex

I don’t think that Jessie would necessarily call herself goth, but she definitely has an alt edge to her style that I think warrants her inclusion here. She loves a harness, a print/pattern and a band tee, and who could resist style like that? It’s fun and playful, but definitely has an edge. You can expect layers on layers and lots of detail. She’s got piercings, tattoos and bright red and yellow, beautifully glossy hair. Stunning.


9. Jamila @thesoulfulveganista

Another vegan goth babe Jamila is a metal-head sexpot baddie, and it comes through in her style. We’re talking layers of necklaces, short skirts and showing some skin. Her style ranges from victoriana inspired to corp goth to street style – she’s super versatile but unique. She’s super spiritual on her Insta too, as she does Tarot readings and shadow-work so she’s always ready to tell you some truths.


10. Sammi @sammitery 

If you love mesh, harnesses and lingerie, then Sammi is a must-follow. Sharing everything from everyday fits to vampire ball attire, she has a unique sense of style inspired by designer catwalks, films & TV characters and the high drama of Italian Catholicism. She runs a second hand clothing store on Instagram where she sells items that she’s hand-picked – so you know it’s gonna be good.



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