Goth Life: Lexi from 4 Luv Designs

A small business owner, Lexi makes pet beds for owners who prefer black and white over cream and greige in their interiors. Her brand is […]

April 10, 2021
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A small business owner, Lexi makes pet beds for owners who prefer black and white over cream and greige in their interiors. Her brand is witchy and gorgeous, but she has personally become known for being outspoken against racism in the alt community, and that’s one of the reasons we’re talking to her today.

How would you describe your style? 

I’d say I don’t have any style honestly! My outfits usually just match my mood, I’m married to black but colour is my mistress!

What does “goth” mean to you?

Anything weird and wonderful. A bit different from the everyday, average and mundane.

Who are your fashion icons?

I personally don’t have a fashion icon but I think Grace Jones is fierce, she definitely is iconic!

How and why did you start your brand, 4 Luv Designs? 

I’ve always wanted to run my own business and be my own boss, I had taught myself to sew as a hobby and eventually decided to put it to good use. My dogs are a big part of my life and while trying to think of a product I could make I realised there weren’t any other darker themed pet beds out there for those of us that like darker home decor so decided I’d fill the hole in the market.

What are your hopes for it?

I’ve already expanded with homeware and some original designs, I’m hoping to continue to grow! I have new ideas for 2021 in the works now.

How does the goth/alternative community and racism intersect for you?

There has long been this stigma that the goth/alt scene is for white kids both in the Black and white communities so I think many Black goth/alt kids have had similar experiences in feeling alone in their interests whether within their families or when trying to integrate within the alt scene. I think it has changed a lot in the last 10 years but the events of 2020 have shown us all there is still a lot of work to be done to fight racism and tackle stigmas and stereotypes. With the increase in awareness of the BLM movement in the U.K. last summer it showed me personally that the goth/alt community still had its own work to do. I also realised how powerful the community is when we come together, I think the goth/alt gang could make some real changes for good!

You describe yourself as having an “activist mentality” – what does that mean?

As I found myself speaking out more I realised I couldn’t stop and I just don’t think I have enough experience nor done enough to help anyone to be so bold as to call myself an activist but I like to think that’s the mindset I have in that I want to help and do more and I’m okay with speaking out if it makes a difference even in the slightest. I truly believe that if my words make one person speak out and then that person’s words encourage someone else we can cause a chain reaction of change!

What’s the one thing you want brands and influencers to know (in terms of racism)?

Pay Black content creators, photographers, artists, designers, models, writers, influencers. Hire Black staff members; diversify your brand because we are not having these convos again, it’s time for change.

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