Gothic Lolita: How to Get the Look

Cute as a cupcake and as dark as night – discover gothic lolita.

May 28, 2024
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Lolita goth, also known as lolita darkwave or gothic lolita, is the marriage of the sweet innocence of doll-like lolita fashion with the dark beauty of gothic culture. Imagine delicate lace dresses adorned with gothic embellishments, paired with dark, opaque stockings and intricately detailed gothic-inspired jewellery. Accessorize with a black parasol or a delicate veil, and complete the ensemble with a pair of statement gothic-style shoes.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the key elements that define lolita goth fashion, from the sweet as a cupcake silhouettes to the macabre motifs.

What is Gothic Lolita?

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As the name suggests, lolita goth is a fusion of lolita fashion and the gothic subculture, creating a unique and intricate aesthetic. It combines the sweetness and innocence of the lolita style with the dark, mysterious and often romantic elements of the gothic subculture. This style often features dark, gothic-inspired colours and patterns combined with lolita’s signature sweet and feminine details such as lace, bows and ruffled skirts. 

How to Dress Lolita Goth

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Lolita goth style is characterised by its dark, romantic, and elegant aesthetic, drawing inspiration from various subcultures like goth, Victorian, and classical romanticism.

So how do you create the look?

• All goth looks start with black clothing, of course! But with the lolita goth style you can add in pops of deep purple, blue or red.

• The silhouette has to be a bell-shaped or A-line (usually knee length) skirt with a fitted bodice. It must be adorned with ruffles, lace and bows. Things like Peter Pan collars, high necklines and puff sleeves are common too.

• Layer your clothing with gothic elements such as dark lace, velvet, and leather, creating a contrast that highlights the Lolita’s innocence and the goth’s darkness.

• Hair and makeup are an important part of the lolita goth look. Hair is usually intricate, soft and plaited in a variety of delicate braids (not limited to fishbone braids, French braids, multi-stranded braids) and accessorized with a variety of bows.

• Makeup is a light-coloured face, slightly peachy blush and soft eyeliner. Pair it with a dark, dramatic lip for a goth look.

• Lolita goth footwear includes Mary Jane shoes, tea party shoes, Victorian boots or platform pumps, but any goth platform boot will do!

• Layers of jewellery is a signature element of gothic lolita. Lace jewellery (not limited to necklaces, gloves, chockers), bow hair accessories, gothic lolita hats and stockings – put it all on and see how they look with your outfit.

Lolita Goth Influences & Inspirations

Image credit: Corpse Bride

The emergence of lolita goth, a style primarily influenced by Victorian-inspired goth styles, can be traced back to the fusion of two distinct subcultures: the gothic movement and the lolita fashion trend. This fusion was further popularized by Japanese musician Mana, whose music and image personified the essence of lolita goth.

The influence of gothic lolita can be observed in different areas of pop culture, especially in fashion, music, and film. Fashion designers have been inspired to create dark and romantic clothing that combines feminine details with gothic embellishments. In music, bands and artists have been influenced to produce music that embodies the sweet and dark aesthetic, combining elements of gothic rock and lolita’s feminine charm.

In the film industry, lolita goth’s influence can be seen in movies like “Corpse Bride” and “The Neo Demon.” “Corpse Bride,” a stop-motion animated film by Tim Burton, embodies the dark and romantic aesthetic of lolita goth, with its gothic characters and settings combined with a sweet and innocent storyline. Similarly, “The Neo Demon” features costumes and styling that draw inspiration from lolita goth, combining feminine details with dark and romantic elements to create a unique and enchanting look.

Gthic.com Lolita Goth picks

Ready to put together a look? Here are five of gthic.com’s gothic lolita pieces to get you feeling darkly sweet. Get 25% off with the code BIB25

Gothic lace halter lolita dress

Image credit: Gthic

The perfect starting point for any lolita gothic look, this elegant and romantic dress has all the elements of a lolita goth look. Pair it with accessories, a delicate braid and smoky makeup. Shop here. Use BIB25 for 25% discount.

Pink lace up ballet wrap platform heels

Image credit: Gthic

The thick heel and bow straps of the Gthic heels make them perfect for lolita goth, whether you’re attending a party or wearing them for everyday wear, they’ll add a touch of elegance. Shop here. Use BIB25 for 25% discount.

Lace choker

Image credit: Gthic

The lace choker is adorned with chains and floral details, and a flower-crown-like shape. Use it to add detail to your neckline and accentuate its lines and curves. Shop here. Use BIB25 for 25% discount.

Skull rose ring

Image credit: Gthic

Not just any rose ring, these ones feature a cute skull and open rose, ideal for adding detail to your lolita goth look. Shop here. Use BIB25 for 25% discount.

Butterfly earrings

Image credit: Gthic

Say hello like your new favorite butterfly stud. It features a long string of tassels, and you can choose between a whole butterfly or a half butterfly type. Shop here. Use BIB25 for 25% discount.


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