Gothing up an Evening Dress

Goth started as a subculture where people were making their own clothes to create their own style. Now because the style became popular, people have […]

January 14, 2018
3 min read

Goth started as a subculture where people were making their own clothes to create their own style.

Now because the style became popular, people have started highly successful brands that make really cool alternative clothes. Iron fist, Killstar, Disturbia, etc. So you don’t have to be a whizz with a sewing machine any longer.

But they can be quite pricey, so I don’t think anyone, unless you’re super rich or something, has an entire wardrobe made up of super cool clothes from alt brands.

Most of us have jeans from Topshop and New Look t-shirts or whatever, but you can make anything look alternative/goth/grunge/witchy with the right styling, just like in the old days!

So, when a brand named Tobi emailed me and asked if I would do a collab (first one ever, yay!) I have to confess myself a little bit sceptical… was I really going to find something that I would like from this super on-trend brand?

Their site is all sequins and low cut/short hemline dresses… which is… y’know, fine. I’m not saying that goths don’t/can’t wear sequins. I’m saying the site would not be my first choice for clothes.

However, I picked some stuff that I knew I could style up to look freaking cool and show you guys that you really don’t have to shop at alt brands at all.

So this dress is super super low cut but the model was working it so I thought I could too. I put it on and I felt like it looked amazing but it needed something to make it edgier. Instantly, with that much freaking chest on view I knew it had to be a harness bra. I found one on Etsy from Pretty Thorax (check her out – link at the bottom of the post). Paired with my new Church of Sanctus coat, the look was pure stone circle sacrifice realness.

Somehow I don’t think I’ll make it on to the Tobi instagram…

Real talk though, while the dress looked incredible, I was very conscious that my boobs would come out. I had tit tape but I did not feel secure… I may have to work on my application technique. Any tips?

OUTFIT: Asylum Coat – Church of Sanctus | Harness Bra – Pretty Thorax | Dress – Tobi* | Boots – Disturbia | Pervert Garter – Killstar hat | Earrings – Tobi*

* An asterisk denotes an item that was very kindly gifted to me by the brand. All opinions are my own.


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