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5 Goth Christmas Jumpers to Scare Your Grandma

Goth Christmas jumpers perfect for giving family members the heebie jeebies.

November 28, 2023
3 min read

For normlings, a christmas jumper means red and green, pun-tastic slogans, cute winter animals and sequins. However, if you’re a bit of a goth, then these are not the christmas jumpers you’re looking for. You might don one of these jumpers if you really love christmas (sure, you can pull it off!), but the goth in you is crying out for representation.

Whether you wear one on christmas jumper day, on the big day itself or you’ve got one for every day of the festive season, a christmas jumper is something of a necessity – especially if you’re a goth who love christmas!

Stay true to your dark self with these goth christmas jumpers to disguise all those warm and disgusting festive feelings. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a cute pop culture reference or something creepy but festive.

Bewitched Christmas Jumper

This traditional-inspired style design is a goth take on a Christmas jumper. Instead of snowmen and christmas trees it’s got pentacles, cats and coffins. Much better. It’s a sweater rather than a knitted jumper, so no need to worry about comfort as you’ll know it’ll be soft. Pair with an oversized white collar and a black skirt for a Wednesday-inspired festive look.

Shop the Grindstore Bewitched jumper here.

Hail Santa Hoodie

For extra comfort, a hoodie just makes all the difference. Whether you’re cold, feeling sorry for yourself or you need to hang out without a bra on, a hoodie is the one. So this one manages to combine comfort, christmas and the dark arts all into one. Pretty perfect for the Christmas day food coma amirite or amirite. Be warned though, this one ships from Canada!

Shop the Hail Santa Hoodie here.

Devil on my Back Sweater

This is one of the best goth christmas jumpers if you’re looking for something that errs on the side of goth more than it does on the christmas side. It’s a knitted sweater with a fair isle-style cathedral design on the front, and a devil face on the back, all in black, grey and red of course. It’s quite long, so you can comfortably pair with a pair of leggings.

Shop the Devil on my Back Sweater.

Slipknot Holiday Sweater

Show your band affiliations off with this Slipknot holiday sweater! With a big logo across the chest, and the words ‘fucking holidays’ up the arm, it really combines a christmassy vibe with a goth (or nu metal if you want to be really pedantic) one – perfect for rocking up to a family event with the intention of rocking the boat a little.

Shop the Slipknot Holiday Sweater.

Baphoclaus Christmas Sweater

To me, this is a classic goth christmas jumper. With a frankly iconic Baphomet in Santa colours and Santa pants, esoteric symbols like pentagrams and the leviathan cross, and and all round christmassy vibe, there’s no denying that it combines everything you might need. Perfect for wearing for christmas dinner when you want to be cosy, but feeling cute, of course.

Shop the Baphoclaus Christmas Sweater.

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