‘Tis the season for festive parties! Mine’s next week (no I don’t know what I’m wearing yet) so I thought I’d give you my Christmas party picks. 

Addams Family Vibes

If you’re wanting to go classic, then you can’t go wrong with taking inspiration from the Addams family. Morticia and Wednesday are obviously the goth queens that everyone aspires to, so when you’re a bit stuck for ideas, they’re timeless choices. Both of these dresses are Collectif, and they’ve given the Wednesday style dress a real grown-up, slinky feel – perfect for a christmas party!

Collectif Morticia Dress at Attitude Clothing | Collectif Winona Dress at Attitude Clothing

Show Off Your Shoulders

I feel like shoulders are under-rated. They’re pretty sexy to be honest, but in an unexpected way, and you gotta love looking unexpectedly sexy. The Omega Dress from Disturbia is pretty racy so it depends how sassy you’re feeling whether you want to wear it in front of Brian from IT, but it is a stonker of a dress. (Yes, it appears that I’m from the 70s or something with my choice of words. I am aware).

Disturbia Omega Halter Dress | Killstar Wicked Webutant Dress

Invest in a Sequins* Dress

Every Christmas/new year party dress guide offers up sequins and sparkles and velvet as perfect for the party season. Since time in memorial velvet and sequins have been the go to. So why change it? As a bit of a goth you might be well versed in wearing velvet, but sequins is a different ball game. This Disturbia Dress is a perfect mix between being girly and Christmas party ready and edgy AF. It’s matt black. But also sequins. Come on. Disturbia are KILLING IT with this one.

Disturbia Thunderdome Dress 

*yes that is a drag race reference.

What are you wearing for your Christmas do?