Gothmas: Creepy Christmas Cards

In the second of my gothmas series, we’re talking about Christmas cards! Here I’ve scoured the internet for creepy, weird and gothic christmas cards. Unsurprisingly, […]

December 1, 2017
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In the second of my gothmas series, we’re talking about Christmas cards! Here I’ve scoured the internet for creepy, weird and gothic christmas cards. Unsurprisingly, most of them were on Etsy. All of them are lovingly created by small business owners and creators, so you know when you buy them you’re making a person do a little happy dance. Perfect for your strange little friends, you can show them that you really care by sending them a creepy christmas card!

Witch Crafts 

The lovely Jess over at Witch Crafts (and of blog Heart Shaped Bones) has designed a number of different cards around classic christmas films, including Gremlins, Nightmare Before Christmas and the Grinch, as well as newer stuff like Stranger Things. Because if your friends and family can’t appreciate a good (but weird) christmas film, then they’re doing it wrong and they don’t deserve a card anyway. Yaaaay Christmas Spirit.

Shop the whole collection here.


These enchanting little drawings add a little bit of creepy, kooky bleakness to your christmas. If i received one of these in the post they’d definitely be getting framed. The design of Krampus and the skull tree-topper is perfect!

Shop the set here.


Lino cut, each one of these designs is done by hand, so you’ll get slight differences and therefore a completely unique card. These Krampus and skele-reindeer designs are my absolute favourite (and probably the most christmassy) but there are loads from this shop that are really cool!

Buy the Krampus design here and the reindeer design here.

Emma Inks Designs

This is only Emma’s second collection and it’s a really beautiful one. She’s also a blogger over at Emma Inks and she’s recently started up a gothic greetings card business! Her christmas collection is simple, yet detailed, the skulls and skeletons are creepy and super christmassy all at the same time.

Buy cards from Emma Inks here.


For the metalheads out there, OccultTrash I think will be right up your street. I love the Holly Go Frightly design. The faces of the berries are so weird. And the Merry Kinkmas design is perfect too. I love that they managed to get tits on to a christmas card without it being gross. Though you probably shouldn’t use christmas lights to tie yourself up, kids. Stick to rope!

Shop the collection here.

Emma Powell Design

I love the concept behind this collection! Emma has taken our favourite film murderers and turned them into pretty cute looking christmas cards. From Santa hats to christmas cardis, everyone is adorned with a little bit of festive cheer (even if they don’t want to be!).

Shop the collection here.

Ink and Wilderness

These cards are so, so beautiful. They’re very Victorian in style – yuletide greetings, candles and all that, making them perfect for that victoriana style goth in your life. Another one I would frame if I happened to receive one (hint hint)! Is Christmas art a thing?

Buy them and more here.

Little Btch Cross Stitch

Okay, raise your hand if you love a bit of needlepoint. Keep it raised if you like to celebrate christmas in the most irreverent way possible. Then these are the cards for you. Almost childlike in design, this collection of cards get the point across pretty bluntly, and it’s very amusing.

Shop the set here.


While I think that buying everyone a card like this might very well get pretty pricey quickly, one of these creepy christmas cards for a particular loved one would really go down well!


Have you seen the first in my gothmas series? It’s on christmas jumpers!


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