How to Goth Up Formalwear

It’s a formal occasion. You’re struggling with what to wear. You’re normally found in fishnets, shorts and a tank top – how are you going […]

September 19, 2016
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It’s a formal occasion. You’re struggling with what to wear. You’re normally found in fishnets, shorts and a tank top – how are you going to make yourself look formal?

Your Best Witch Dress…

You can get all sorts of formal wear in black, so you don’t have to resign yourself to wearing something that doesn’t feel you.

If you wanted to go conservative, i.e. not too gothy, then just head to the high street. Look to the Addams family for inspiration. Like, what would Morticia wear? Look for lace, velvet and materials that look fancy. If you don’t think that full black would go down too well (say it’s one of those cookie cutter weddings where wearing black might be seen as disrespectful), then opt for something that has a big pattern on it – like a big floral pattern on a black background.

If you want something more unusual, and you’ve got some money to spend, then take a look at NUIT and Church of Sanctus. They both have a similar vibe, featuring draping, dramatic silhouettes – definitely pieces that will start conversations.


Fierce-Lookin’ Hair

Even if you’re wearing a ‘regular’ dress, an excellent ‘do with some fancy-looking accessories can make all the difference.

A black flower crown, like this one, or a silver quartz tiara for added magic, or something like the above from Hysteria Machine, can make an outfit magical.

Classic Metal

I’m not talking about requests to the DJ here, I’m talking about jewellery. Personally, I like metallic jewellery, particularly for a formal occasion. Whatever type of jewellery you love to wear, whether it’s lots of rings, bracelets or necklaces, go for silver, rose gold, copper. Keep it gothy by adorning yourself in metal skulls, bones, moons, planchettes, etc.


Style Inspo

My fave for this kind of thing is Stephanie of Faiiint. Her looks are always classic. Black, layered, with a sophisticated silhouette perfected with beautiful details, she’s the queen of understated goth. Check out this post and this post where she blogs about what she wore to weddings.

Nikita Andrianova (above) is another excellent example. She recently went to a Vivienne Westwood x Melissa event and looked really awesome. Take a look at her Instagram.


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