How to Have a Goth Easter

Pastels? Not today satan!

March 17, 2024
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As spring blossoms and pastel hues fill the air with the promise of new beginnings, you might be wondering how you add a goth flair to the cheeriest of holidays; Easter. Traditional Easter celebrations often evoke images of fluffy bunnies, colourful eggs, and sunny picnics, and goth… is not that. But there are ways to infuse this happy occasion with the signature goth aesthetic, transforming it into something a bit more palatable for the average darkling. 

In this guide, we’ll look at how to create the perfect goth Easter, from decor and fashion to food and activities. 

The Dark Origins of Easter

Easter is not as bright and beautiful as it might first appear. Sure, today it’s all pastels, baby animals and chocolate eggs, but the reason we celebrate is kind of dark and twisted.

As you may know, it’s an amalgamation of the Christian celebration of Christ rising again and the pagan festival of fertility and new life. There are also other layers to it, including a secular celebration of the spring equinox and the Jewish holiday of Passover. 

From the idea of crucifying a man and his resurrection (aka zombie Jesus) to sex rituals to celebrate nature’s rebirth to celebrating liberation from slavery – there’s plenty of darkness to Easter!

So, how do we celebrate Easter as goths?

Sinister Spring Decor 

Transforming your space into a gothic Easter haven is easy once you get your creative juices flowing. Take your typical Easter decor – bunnies, chicks and eggs – and instead of the usual sickly pastels, turn it black with a handy can of spray paint.

Or, keep the pastels and add macabre accents, like painting a skeletal version over the top of a bunny ornament, or zombie details such as rabid eyes and a bloody mouth.

Not a DIYer? Here’s a few picks that I’ve found to add a gothic element to your Easter decor (without getting your hands dirty): 

Pastel Cursed Creeps by Cursed By Design
Image credit: Cursed by Design

Want to keep the pastels? These 3D printed skeleton bunnies are both creepy and cute! Shop here.

Spooky Rabbit Cult Print by The Calling Crow
Image credit: The Calling Crow

This spooky rabbit cult print is something you can keep up all year round! Shop here.

White rabbit print by Albino Jackrabbit
Image credit: Albino Jackrabbit

I’m in love with this print. It’s macabre and beautiful and easter-y! Shop here.

Batty Peep Plushy by Punk You Out
Image credit: Punk You Out

Boucle bunnies with bat wings? Yes please. Ideal for Easter baskets for kids! Shop here.

Easter Bunny Ghost Figurine by Cursed By Design
Image credit: Cursed by Design

How adorable is this Easter bunny ghost? Perfect for the mantelpiece or a table centrepiece. Shop here.

Dreadful Delicacies

Like any holiday, Easter is celebrated with food. I’m vegan and find the idea of eating baby animals when you’re celebrating new life and new beginnings very bizarre, but if that’s how you want to celebrate, then you do you. I suppose it does have a dark and twisted element to it!

If you usually do an Easter roast dinner, think about how you can add a gothic flair to it. From using a black garlic herb crust on your roast to using purple potatoes and chargrilled asparagus, there’s lots to get creative with.

For dessert, you could use dark-coloured berries like blackberries and raspberries in tarts with charcoal-infused pastry or cake. Use cookie cutters in Easter shapes and decorate them in your own macabre style.

Cryptic Easter Egg Hunt

Put a goth twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt by painting the usual plastic pastel eggs black and white or dark Halloweeny tones. You could even paint horror faces on to them if you have the time. 

Add a layer of gothic mystery by including cryptic clues to each egg’s location inside the previous egg. Perfect for both kids and adults! 

Alternative Egg Decorating

Image credit: Me and Annabelle Lee

Get creative when it comes to Easter crafts like egg decorating too. You don’t have to stick to the typical colours or motifs. Instead, explore the idea of pairing eggs black, using metallic or jewel-toned paints, or incorporating gothic elements like skulls, bats, or pentagrams. 

Goth Easter Fashion

Okay so goth Easter fashion might be a stretch but you could add some cute Easter elements to your outfit. Whether that’s a pair of rabbit skeleton earrings or just channeling more of a pastel goth vibe, there’s definitely something you can do if you’re that way inclined. 

Goth Easter Cards

If you’re the card giving type, don’t shy away from this opportunity! Make your own with an egg shaped potato print or cut paper, but if you’re not feeling crafty, here’s a couple of goth Easter cards that perfectly combine Easter with a goth vibe:

Hail Easter Card by Redsky Gifts

Satanic Easter bunny? How cute! Shop here.

Happy Facehugger Easter Card by Crafty Burreato
Image credit: Crsfty Burreato

Love this Alien themed Easter card! Shop here.

Goth Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are a really cute tradition, and perfect for gothing up! You can completely customise the contents to the person you’re creating a basket for, so making it goth is a doddle.

Either find a black basket or paint one, and fill it with a selection of goodies and gifts tailored to your recipient’s style. An Easter card, a book, some of those cookies you decorated earlier, an Easter egg – what more could you want? It would be the perfect ending to your goth Easter egg hunt.

How do you celebrate goth Easter? What did we miss?


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