Leather Jacket – Ark (Similar) | Skull Tee – V and A x McQueen | LBD –  Missguided | Baphomet Socks – Killstar | Marceline […]

July 10, 2016
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Leather Jacket – Ark (Similar) | Skull Tee – V and A x McQueen | LBD –  Missguided | Baphomet Socks – Killstar | Marceline Boots – Dr Martens | Harry Potter Choker, Pusheen Teacup Ring, Harry Potter Earrings – Culture Vulture | Eyeball Ring – Topshop (Similar – ebay) | Bejewelled Eye Ring – Accessorize (old) |

This was quite an impromptu post really. I had planned to do something different, a little more dressed up and glam, but the day didn’t really pan out like that. I didn’t fancy going shoot location scouting wearing heels so the whole vibe changed and it ended up much more casual.

The LBD is actually the under slip (if people even call it that any more) of a Missguided dress that I bought a while ago. I just popped it on over my V and A McQueen shirt that I got at the Savage Beauty exhibition last year. Paired it with some fun accessories, like my Adventure Time Marceline DMs and Harry Potter choker, and I was good to go. Sometimes last minute outfits are the best ones! A word on the Killstar socks, though. On the model, she has them over her knees. I’m not really tall or anything (about 5’8″) and I can’t get them over my thighs because they are too tight. Which is why I wore them like leg warmers!

I’ll blog about the other outfit I had planned at some point for sure.

I’m trying to be better with my blog; trying to blog weekly and to up the amount of outfit posts that go on. I always love how they turn out, but they always seem like a lot of effort after a day at work, so I often put it off and off. The same with social media – sometimes I struggle with something to take a picture of if all I’ve done is go to work that day (so it just ends up being pictures of my cat. You like that, right?). I think I just need to plan it a little bit better and try to be a bit less self conscious about it all if I’m honest.






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