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Shop: Lestat Crop Jumper – Killstar | Pleated Vinyl Skirt – Lip Service (similar from New Look and ASOS) | Boots – Topshop (old) | Necklace […]

August 12, 2016
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Shop: Lestat Crop Jumper – Killstar | Pleated Vinyl Skirt – Lip Service (similar from New Look and ASOS) | Boots – Topshop (old) | Necklace – Custom (Raven’s Foot from Pandora’s Box)  | My Eye Bag – Killstar (Dolls Kill) | Rings – Bloody Mary Metal | Skull Screw Top Jar – Baltic Shop |

This outfit has been a long time coming. I had planned to blog about it, and then it got ridiculously summery, so I couldn’t wear it because it was too warm! Last weekend it was windy, and not too hot, so it was good shooting weather and we got to take some pics.

I’m gonna start with the fact that while I love the sleeves and the hem of this Killstar knit, I really don’t like the neckline. For me it just feels awkward – it needs to either be wider or narrower, and at the moment it’s somewhere in the middle. Which is why my hair is down and covering my neck in most of the pictures.  It is a crop jumper though, which makes it perfect for layering up over something high-waisted, to make a statement of that detailing.

These boots, man. I bought them probably around eight years ago from Topshop. I saw them, thought they were too expensive (I was only working part time at Sainsbury’s at the time) so I decided to not buy them, but then the whole day after that I thought about how pretty they were. I decided to buy them (using uni savings ooooops), then didn’t really know how to wear them, because I definitely was a dork at 18 (even more than I am now, honest). Suddenly I figured it out like two years later and I still love them now! And that concludes the boot saga.

The necklace is something special, don’t you think? It’s a custom necklace my bf made for me, so there’s only one in the world! He is good. It’s got a real raven’s foot (ethically sourced, of course) from our local “one stop weird shop” that is Pandora’s Box, a pentacle from an old Killstar Earring and haematite rosary beads.

I’ve had some struggles with work and stuff over the last few months (adding to the shittiness that is the year 2016 – I think it might actually be the apocalypse) but some things have changed recently and I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully that means I can invest more time, energy and actual money into my blog, so it can grow like I want it to! Thank you for reading and supporting my little blog so far!

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Miss Sykes.says:

I love love love this outfit, especially the boots. Those boots are so gorgeous I don’t even. There’s something of the ‘studious witch’ about it. xx


May I say that your hair in these pictures probably is one of the most beautiful copper shades I’ve seen so far! But totally understand the neckline problem (I have that feeling with a lot of my tops & dresses but feel sorry to alterate expensive clothing) – still looking great on you ^^

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