My Dream Summer Goth Wardrobe

This summer has so far been one of the hottest and one of the longest (trying not to jinx it here, promise) we’ve had for […]

July 22, 2018
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This summer has so far been one of the hottest and one of the longest (trying not to jinx it here, promise) we’ve had for a while. It’s normally like a hot, uncomfortable week, maybe even two and then we’re back to bursts of sunlight through the clouds. So in 2018 your favourite goth blogger (that’s me, guys, remember, yeah?) has subsequently, finally, realised what a rubbish summer wardrobe she has. And this is coming from the girl who’s so desperate to go on holiday she’s wondering whether to buy a coffin pool float even though she has no pool, or holiday. You’d think I’d be more prepared, wouldn’t you?

There are a few brands that have brought out a beautiful summer collection this year and I am coveting them hard, guys. Yesterday I added all the things I wanted to my basket and just looked at the total cost in despair. But, instead of spending hundreds of pounds on a new summer goth wardrobe I thought I would write about it instead and keep myself in the black (figuratively and obviously not literally *cries*)

So here it is, my dream summer goth wardrobe…

New Moon Maiden Dress – Killstar | Reaper Necklace – The Rogue and The Wolf | Tryals Boots – Disturbia | Sunglasses – Amazon


So there are a couple of brands that I personally think have really killed it for their summer collections. Who says being goth in the summer is hard?

House of Widow 

While I definitely wouldn’t wear everything in their latest collections (no thank you lace board shorts), I would totally buy a hefty chunk of it if I could afford to. The lace, the extreme bell sleeves, the seventies vibes, the patent leather booties, yes please. I’m particularly in love with the lace halterneck crop top, the “wicked” mesh top and the flared pant suit.

Dolls Kill have got the whole collection, but if you don’t fancy paying the shipping from America, Attitude Clothing have got some of it too.


Mary Wyatt London

Owned and operated by a woman, Nicola Mary Wyatt, this brand is just major goals – have you seen their shop? I neeeeed that neon “Satan is a woman” sign. I might just have to settle for the t-shirt and the pin though. My picks are the lace up shorts, the “dead inside” tank and the as above so below column skirt. Their price point is just a little bit too high for me at the moment though. I’m not knocking them – they’re a really cool independent brand and when I can invest I totally will!


Black Craft Cult

Pool sliders, floats and fun swimwear – these guys are k.i.l.l.i.n.g. it when it comes to proper goth holiday wear. I mean, I need a planchette lilo. I just need one, okay?

Again, they’re an American brand so hence why this post is titled “dream wardrobe” and not “look at all this cool stuff I bought”… but sometimes their stuff is available at Attitude and sometimes they offer free worldwide shipping (if you’re reading this please do this around pay day thnx)



The Look™

You can’t beat a witchy dress for summer like the one I’m wearing in these photos. Bell sleeves, high/low skirt, lace up front, cold shoulder, cute print – this Killstar dress has all the makings of a perfect #gothgoals summer dress.

Except, I wasn’t 100% convinced when I bought it – I normally go for form-fitting over loose, so it was a bit out of my comfort zone. Plus it looks a bit… tent-like on the model (soz). Then, when it arrived I tried it on without a bra and without my hair did or my face did so I was even less convinced.

But, it’s super summery, the sleeves are to die for and it’s perfect for hot days – and Mark said he liked it – so I held on to it. Then, we happened to be going out to the local park fair, and it was **hot AF** I couldn’t bring myself to wear anything that was too fitted, so I opted for this dress and I actually made an effort to style it.

With lace up Disturbia boots, an actual bra, little round glasses and a Rogue and Wolf scythe necklace, I was feeling it. What do you think? Would you wear this outfit?

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