My Hair(colour)Story

“Redheaded women buck like goats.” – James Joyce You may have noticed that my hair’s darker! It wasn’t a particularly conscious decision, but I wanted […]

October 25, 2017
3 min read

“Redheaded women buck like goats.” – James Joyce

You may have noticed that my hair’s darker! It wasn’t a particularly conscious decision, but I wanted a change.

My hair is naturally blonde, and for years everyone told me that I should never ever dye it. So I didn’t. I enjoyed being blonde, it was a nice blonde. 

I decided to dye my hair red. I’m not sure why I decided to do it at that point, but it stemmed from wanting to be The Illustrated Mum with her red hair and green eyes when I was kid. I went to a hairdresser, and it turned out quite dark, but still kind of auburny. Over about a year or so it went more and more gingery. I started to use henna from Lush at one point (which was great for my hair but so so so messy – 0 points for convenience) and right now I’m just using box dye at home.

So yeah, I wanted a change from the ginge I’d been rocking. When I first started drying my hair after dying it, I liked how to dark it was, but I sort of felt like it was kind of middle-aged-lady-ish!

After a while, I started to get used to it, and once I had a couple of blog shoots under my belt, I was pretty much loving it. Now I’m looking at my ginge hair and thinking it was kind of crap… I liked it at the time but it just looks a bit “meh” on me in hindsight. Why does that happen? Why didn’t I realise at the time?!

And so, let’s talk about this outfit! As I mentioned in my last outfit post, I ended up wearing something completely different for my friend’s birthday than I had intended.

I was in Tamworth – a market town in the midlands and there are literally no clothes shops there – so I was wandering around a bit aimlessly looking for a bra. I had forgotten to bring one. Yeah I’m that girl.

I went into co-op (I was desperate, guys and gals) and there in the middle of “Quiz”, was this green velvet dress. Paired with fishnets, boots and my duster coat is was perfect for the evening.

For this post, it’s styled a little less glam and a little more punk. Ripped tights, dirty boots, leather jacket.

What do you think? How would you have styled it?

Outfit: Jacket – Primark | Shirt dress – H&M | Velvet dress – Quiz | Fishnets – Claire’s | Boots – Dr Martens


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