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January 7, 2017
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What a year. What. A. Year.

It was kind of crappy on a personal level and a world-wide kind of level too. I got a new job, and then got sent home on the first day because I didn’t have my own transport (it was a copywriting job). I was unemployed for four months. Then my boyfriend was as well. Then, Brexit. Then, Trump. Urgh.



You’ve heard it all before, I’m sure. It’s a time for reflection, resetting blah blah blah. I’m not very good at them to be honest, and it all gets a little bit sanctimonious at times.

On the other hand, it’s not a bad thing to set goals.

So here are mine.

Put My Money Where My Mouth Is

Last year I became very aware that although I considered myself a feminist, I wasn’t really taking up much space as one. I believed in equality, but I wasn’t demonstrating my views in any way, apart from being outraged at various things on the internet. That’s why I began to talk about feminism on my blog. This is still very much in its infancy, but I fully intend to grow it and become more confident in talking about feminism and my views.

On top of this, I want to donate to a charity. I had a pretty crappy year for finances last year, but when I feel a bit more stable money-wise, I want to donate to a women-focused charity. I’m thinking one that gives out sanitary products for homeless women, or something similar. Do you have any charity suggestions?

I’ve been inspired by Tara at Cattitude & Co. too. Her post about feminist resolutions talks about signing and sharing more petitions, which I think is an excellent idea. I think adding your signature to a worthy cause is an easy way to support something that you’re passionate about. Sharing it with your social media circle adds to this support by encouraging others to do the same.

Be More Supportive

On reflection of last year, I’ve realised that I need to be better at supporting my friends and family in their endeavours.

I’m surrounded by brave, creative and ambitious people that are doing great things, and I need to do more to show my support.

From my dad writing novels that I haven’t read, to my brother being in bands that I haven’t been to see, to taking for granted my boyfriend’s artistic talent, I have not been the supportive person that I should be. This is going to change.

Get a Better Work Wardrobe

The word “wardrobe” is definitely a stretch for my current state of affairs. A better description might be “the stuff that’s on my body when I stumble to work”. What I wear now is basically clothes that I already had that I decided is smart enough to pass as workwear.

In an ideal world I would have a curated collection of smart/casual clothes that also reflects my personality a little bit. Clothes that are worn only for work. So I’m going to focus on creating a work wardrobe I actually feel cool/stylish/like myself in. I’m thinking a capsule wardrobe where I can mix and match items and they all look good together. Effortlessly cool would be ideal.

Prepare for #workselfies.

Has anyone else done this? Any tips?

Watch Less TV

I feel like I spend my life in front of the TV at the moment. I get in from work, I sit in front of the TV, I eat dinner on the sofa and then it’s time for bed. My whole evening is consumed by the thing.

I have no qualms in saying that I do love TV, as lowbrow or whatever that sounds. But it needs taking down a notch. I’m not even watching anything good any more.

There’s so many other things that I could be spending my time doing: exercising, reading, having conversations with the people I love, cooking, blogging, exploring, learning, doing.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to wean myself off it, especially because it’s still dark and cold outside, and I’m by no means swearing off telly forever, but I’m determined to give it a damn good try.

Decorate my Home

Me and my boyfriend rent a house that’s pretty cute on the outside.

It looks like a little fairytale cottage. On the inside, though, it needs work.

I have several Pinterest boards devoted to home décor, and even though most of it is impossible to do in a rented place, I need to live somewhere that looks at least a little bit Pinterest-worthy.

We have all these very Pinterest-worthy ideas, but they just haven’t happened yet (remember that financial crappiness I mentioned earlier?). I’m determined to make sure that by the end of this year, little by little, by hook or by crook, I will love where I live and the way it looks, even if it’s rented.
Please send me your favourite home décor blogs! Especially if they’re rented/budget focused please.

Got any resolutions for 2017?


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