My Top Brand Picks from LondonEdge

You’ve seen my thoughts on the show itself, so now here’s the fun bit. I didn’t want to go for the big brands that everyone knows […]

September 12, 2016
2 min read

You’ve seen my thoughts on the show itselfso now here’s the fun bit. I didn’t want to go for the big brands that everyone knows already, so I’ve gone a little lower key. Here’s my list of the brands that I instantly fell in love with. I’m definitely keeping my eye on them, and you should too!

Cupid Swing Dress – photo courtesy of Isolated Heroes

Isolated Heroes

A stall that caught my eye straight away, Isolated Heroes is all about the sparkle. With hand-embellished, embroidered items, bright colours, and lots of sequins, this clothing brand has a wide appeal. From goth magpies to style mavens, everyone could have a piece of Isolated Heroes in their wardrobe if they wanted to. The brand celebrates body positivity and inclusivity too, with a unisex appeal and sizes that go up to 24. My particular favourites were the Cupid Swing Dress (above) and the mermaid green Sequins Biker jacket.



CherryLoco Jewellery – Photos my own


A jewellery brand based in Glasgow, CherryLoco creates bold but quirky jewellery from acrylic. Some of the designs are really intricate whilst others are quite graphic, and I think the mix of the two works well. I particularly like the scarab beetles and the crystal ball designs from the latest collection.


Rabbit Spine Necklace and Wishbone Earrings – Photos courtesy of Organik Mechanik

Organik Mechanik

As the name suggests, a lot of this brand’s designs and inspiration comes from the way that animals are constructed. The use of skulls and bones isn’t anything new, but the way in which they are put to work in Organik Mechanik’s jewellery and accessories is quite refreshing. Wishbones as earrings and spines and pelvic bones as belt buckles works beautifully.


Dead Sea T-Shirt and Ribcage Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse – Photos Courtesy of Fearless Illustration

Fearless Illustration

The Fearless Illustration stall really caught my eye at London Edge for one particular reason. Their Autumn/Winter Collection for 2016 features kitties, dead mermaids, bats and skulls. And that’s all good from where I’m sitting! I can’t wait for it to drop. You can find Fearless Illustration at Attitude Clothing and on Amazon as well as many other places.


Angry Itch boots at LondonEdge and Dragon Leather Boots – Photos my own.

Angry Itch

I think one of the first things I said when I saw the black ‘dragon’ leather boots (pictured above) was “ooh, these are pretty”. I’m a sucker for anything snakeskin, and these boots are pretty perfect. In fact, the more I think about them, the more I might buy a pair. You can buy from them direct on Amazon. They had a few different styles, with the buckled boots standing out as a pair I could see myself wearing.


Did you attend LondonEdge? Which brands did you like the best?


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