Shop: Shirt – H&M (similar) | Dress – Disturbia | Moon Necklace – ASOS | Boots – Jeffery Campbell (similar) | Watch – Emporio Armani (similar) | Phone Case – Killstar | Clutch – ASOS (similar) |

Happy Sunday folks! Is it me or has this week D. R. A. G. G. E. D. and not in a good way?

Though in actual fact, I *have* spent most of the week on my sofa watching RuPaul’s Drag Race so maybe it has dragged in a good way too. We’ve been watching season 5… mainly for Alyssa Edwards and Alaska. So much love for those queens.

It was my bf’s birthday this week and so there has been a takeaway, cake, and a lot of chips and beans. I shouldn’t complain but I feel like my face could deep fry mars bars right now. I bought him a pair of swanky-looking shoes from Next. I have a secret (or not so secret) appreciation of menswear, and I think Next do it well. I’d love a suit or two myself tbh.

This dress is pretty smart, no?

I love the details – the sword collar pins and the moon buttons are just the cream on the cake (I need to stop talking about cake). I do find it a bit clingy and it wrinkles really easily, but the cut of it is perfection. For the ultimate corporate witch feels I layered on the sheer shirt I got from H&M a while ago. I was trying to figure out what I should wear over the dress (it’s far too cold for bare arms, brah) and I put this on not sure whether it would work.

I stepped out of my room wearing it and declared myself ready for my Hogwarts teacher interview. Call me, Dumbledore.

The Killstar phone case is the most impractical phone case ever. It’s massive and I can’t press any of the buttons on the side of my phone, but it looks pretty damn cool.

Did you spy my watch? It’s making sure I’m on time for the Hogwarts Express. It was a 21st birthday present from my dad. I love it (thanks Dad) but I don’t actually wear it too much because I’m not keen on bracelets and things around my wrists. I picked it out (note the *sweet* mother of pearl face) when I was in that aforementioned androgynous/menswear phase and I really wanted a quite masculine-looking watch. It’s nice and heavy and quite gorgeous. I think I’ve just talked myself into wearing it more.

How would you have styled this dress?