Outfit of the Day: Fishnet and Braids

SHOP: Jacket – Ark (old)| Top – Disturbia (old)| Ripped Mom Jeans – Topshop | Fishnet Tights – ASOS | Creepers – Underground | Earrings – […]

February 8, 2017
3 min read

SHOP: Jacket – Ark (old)| Top – Disturbia (old)| Ripped Mom Jeans – Topshop | Fishnet Tights – ASOS | Creepers – Underground | Earrings – Killstar (old)| Necklace – A Gift | Pins – Also a Gift | Photos by @Schrapnel_Works

Okay so first off, let me say that these photos are a bit smaller because we shot at dusk and the light was not great (obviously). It was my fault really coz I was more interested in food at the time (or all the time) so we went to the supermarket while it was light.

This last week has been alright… I got asked to help out with a photographer’s test shoot which was fun. You guys are gonna get to see what I wear to work with that so you’ve got that to look forward to…

I had a migraine (again). Which was fun.

I rang both sets of grandparents like a good granddaughter and got to listen to my Grandad’s ‘problems’ i.e. He was sorting out his address book and it had taken all week!

Anyway, this outfit.

I know everyone has been jumping on the fishnet/ripped jean trend. Well, now I am too. Disturbia have even made ready-to-wear versions. I went for DIY. Coz it’s cheaper.

I bought the mom jeans at some point last year while it was still relatively warm. They’re so comfy, and I can wear whatever underwear I want because they’re don’t give you VPL!

Even if they do come off kinda mumsy the black and the rips and holes should pretty much quash any of that talk.

Especially with fishnet tights. Nothing mumsy about fishnet tights.

The top is one that I wear ALL THE TIME (my boyfriend can attest). It’s super comfy and quite long, so I can wear my old skinny (but comfy) jeans and cover up the weird baggy crotch that they’ve got going on. Yeah I just said that.

Do you love my enamel pins? My friend Jo gave me them for Christmas and they’re so good! Definitely need to start a proper collection, another trend to get on board with for sure. I guess unlike other trends you can really personalise them.

How would you have styled these mom jeans?


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Ok, you need to teach me how you DIY ripped your jeans because I tried and they just looked stupid.
This outfit is all sorts of amazing!

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