Shop: Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat – River Island (similar) | Bolo Moon Necklace – Missguided | Forest Dress – Disturbia | Creepers – Underground | Eye Bag – Alice Takes a Trip | Photos by @Schrapnel_Works

I decided to go a bit glam and get my leopard print fur coat out for this outfit of the day. It was just a weekend wander around town but I wasn’t feeling my parka. I bought this coat a couple of years ago for a trip to New York, but they’re fast becoming a style staple so there are plenty around even now so you can pick yourself one up quite easily. I quite like the ones with a pastel coloured collar.

This Disturbia dress is definitely one of my new faves. Normally I just go for quite form-fitting stuff, but I saw this in the sale so I just had to give it a go. I bought it in a medium so it was proper comfy (though it since shrunk in the wash, oops). You’ll probably be seeing this dress again!

The pattern looks really cute and forest-y from afar, but as you look closer you realise it’s a bit thorny and there’s Witch symbols and bones and stuff which is obviously a winner.

I paired it with tights and creepers and a bolo style necklace, keeping it simple. If I was wearing it at home it would have been with my oldest, falling apart cardi and a pair of big socks but that doesn’t seem as blog-worthy somehow!

I’ve got something really exciting coming up for my Goth Life Interview series – someone with a really cool sense of style and a big online following has agreed to take part with little old me. Which is awesome, obviously. Make sure you keep an eye on the blog so you don’t miss it!