Outfit of the Day: Headphones

SHOP: Denim Jacket – Primark (mens) | Lace up trousers – Missguided | Long line top – H & M | Necklace – Ark | […]

March 31, 2017
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Casual denim jacket

Outfit post lace up trousers

outfit post headphones

SHOP: Denim Jacket – Primark (mens) | Lace up trousers – Missguided | Long line top – H & M | Necklace – Ark | Creepers – Underground | Headphones – Goji – Tinchy Stryder edition | Headphone Stickers – Custom Plugs and Mysticum Luna

Hello, folks! Sorry that this is getting uploaded so late in the day. I had the day off but I spent it being productive in other ways… I met a friend for breakfast (he bought me crumpets for my birthday), I picked up some bits from Primark and then I cleaned the house. I’m now travelling to Coventry to see some of my bestest friends. So that’s my excuse…

This week I got ma hurr did – though I still have roots because I didn’t do a skin test so they couldn’t touch my scalp with the dye. So the colour is gorgeous (and I’ve had my awful ends chopped off) but it still needs dyeing properly. Bit rubbish really.

Also this week I finished my old job. I start my new one on Monday and though the job itself is pretty similar I’m really excited about the company. It’s also in Leeds which means I get all the perks of working in a big city!

For this post I went super super casual. This denim jacket with faux layers is from the men’s section of Primark and it’s my new go to. I’m wearing it now, in fact. Mark picked it up for me out of the blue (he got one too so we can be matchy matchy if we want).

The lace up trousers are something I’ve been after for ages. Ideally I wanted a pair where the lace up bit goes straight up the leg, but these babies from Missguided are the next best thing.

I’m not actually listening to anything on the headphones in the photos, but if I was, I would probably have been listening to The Kills, Lady Gaga or Grimes because they’re my faves at the mo!

How has your week been?


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